The benefits of buying a maize huller machine

A maize huller machine is a machine used to remove the seed coat (bran) and germ of maize. It separates the maize kernels from the feed meal through friction-producing fine pieces that can be ground into maize flour.

This machine is necessary for milling industries as it can be used with other kinds of cereal such as rice, wheat, millet, chickpeas, sorghum, barley, lentils, and oatmeal, among others

Whether you are in the milling industry or enjoy your meals free of maize husks, buying a maize huller machine may be the best investment for you. The machine produces a quality end product through friction as maize grains pass through the chamber between the roller and the standard sifter.

Why you should consider owning a maize huller machine

The maize huller machine is an affordable and efficient machine essential for your business or home. Getting quality products without additional investment in either time or money is a great way of improving your income.

This machine is durable, low maintenance, and does not need any skilled labor to operate. The maize huller machine price in Kenya is affordable in addition to having low maintenance costs.

Additionally, it saves a lot of money and time for both businesses and individuals. Without the hulling machine, industries have increased costs of having their product hulled somewhere else while individuals use tiresome traditional methods to get rid of the maize husks.

The maize hulling process does not require a lot of time or manpower and is designed to use low power consumption while producing an efficient work output. This makes them very reliable.

The Benefits to maize hulling

  • Maize hulling is suitable for the detachment of the embryo and endosperm. This process boosts the productivity of degerming.
  • Through the maize hulling process, majority of the bran is taken out resulting in a quality product.
  • The process eliminates muck, insect eggs, and can also take out impurities from corn’s seed coat.
  • After the hulling process, the product may be applied to make varieties of food which can increase the business’s market.

The maize hulling processes

Maize can be hulled using the dry and wet technique. The dry method involves cleaning the grains before they enter the hulling device in the absence of the conditioning procedure. It is appropriate for damp corn.

The wet process involves cleaning the grains and passing them across the tempering procedure before putting them in the machine. It is the most common method as it is more efficient for embryo derivation which improves the quality of the product. The wet process is suitable for corn with less than fifteen percent moisture content.


Maize hulling ensures you get quality and nutritious maize products by eliminating harmful and useless parts of maize grains.

Investing in a good maize huller machine is the best way to go if you want maximum profits for your milling business. It saves you the additional cost of having the hulling process done separately and saves you the time needed for that.

For individuals, the affordable price of the machine is a great bargain compared with the recurring costs of having your maize hulled every time you need it. Check also maize sheller.

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