Why it’s essential to switch to aluminum bottles

Every individual is well aware of the risen importance of sustainability when it comes to packaging purposes. It is startling to see clients’ concerns and consumer preferences when it comes to Sustainability these days. A serge into the concerns and worries about this particular matter is due to the excessive rise in global warming and tremendous bad effects of plastic on the environment and seas. This rapid increase in plastic wastage has raised many queries on how each individual can take part in saving the planet and marine life before there is no point in saving left. 

The most common usage of plastic is water bottles and studies show that 1.5 billion plastic water bottles are consumed each day. Daunting figures of plastic wastage materials in each part of the planet are tremendously harmful. In addition, these figures are continuously rising which is letting countries and organizations think and figure out sustainable substitutes for plastic. One of many substitutes for plastic bottles is Aluminum bottles. Aluminum is one the most sustainable and easy to recycle material. Therefore, it’s essential for every individual to obtain best bottled water from companies that are providing aluminum bottles.

How non sustainable packaging can cause a decline in sales? 

Global Buying Green Report by Trivium Packaging in 2020 which included 15,000 demographically representative consumers Indicates that more than two-thirds of participants identified as aware of the environment. These studies further showed that 47% of consumers refused to acquire any product that is considered harmful to the environment. Data like this indicates the possible negative effects of using non-environment-friendly materials. These daunting figures have caused many water supplying brands to reevaluate their packaging strategy to ensure the material and quality of the product according to the customer requirement.

What is the replacement of plastic water bottles?

In these intense times of trying to come up with the best sustainable material one solution is gaining momentum and is getting vastly accepted by consumers that is aluminum bottles. Due to surprising versatility, strength, and protection against oxygen and UV rays. In addition, aluminum allows easy recycling and sustainability which helps to save the environment. Aluminum bottles are ideal for aerosols, beverages, and personal care products which allows various opportunities for upcoming brands and existing brands. Therefore, it’s essential for best bottled water companies such as to switch to aluminum after keeping factors such as product positioning, production, formats into consideration.

What to consider when designing a package

One of many benefits of aluminum is the vast ability to be formed into virtual shape and form. Various standard shapes and sizes of aluminum bottles are vastly available in the market which allows companies to have ease in production. Aluminum’s ability to be customized according to the standards of any particular company makes repackaging, designing, and enhancement less complicated and increases practicality. Brands that are switching to aluminum are astonished by the immense control over packaging formats. This particular material can be customized beyond the spectrum of standard diameters, and heights. To enhance the ergonomics and making their product distinctively elegant from other brands can add soft contours and unique necks.

Graphical advantages of aluminum bottles 

When transitioning to aluminum package graphics must be kept in consideration. In addition, these bottles do not rely on labels or need any packaging materials. These abilities introduce new opportunities to showcase the brand distinctively and gain the attention of consumers. Graphics can directly be printed on the bottles using full-color high-resolution printing. Inks specially designed for aluminum printing can create a glossy, matte, and rubberized feel to the products. These inks can add dimensional quality, elegance, and uniqueness to cater to any type of client.

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