Why is MBBS cheap in Russia?

From the soviet era, Russia has been regarded as the largest hub for pursuing medical education!  In fact, out of the top 100 ranking medical universities listed in WHO’s directory, 30 are from Russia.  MBBS from Russia is preferred by most of Indian students because of the subsidized fee structure and world-class medical education. Plus, the student teacher ratio is 7:1 in all Russian medical universities which makes MBBS in Russia even more superior as compared to other western countries.

Speaking of the past decade, Russia has witnessed a tenfold increase in the no. of international students who are traveling here to pursue MBBS. The prime reason why students keep on choosing MBBS in Russia is because of the global recognition of degrees and English-taught programs.

Just like most other countries, the duration of MBBS in Russia, too, is 6 years with English as the medium of instruction.

Now the question is why is the cost of pursuing MBBS from Russia reasonably low? Well, it’s because of the Russian government. provides subsidies for education. The average cost of medical universities is 2.5-5 Lacs, per year.  Also, as the MBBS degree is recognized worldwide, the students can practice medicine in any part of the world, provided, you qualify the screening test for that particular country. For instance: In India, you now need to appear for NEXT in order to practice medicine or pursue higher medical education in India.

In addition to this, medical education in Russia is feasibly easy for any student because of the direct admission as there’s no entrance exam (except for a few universities) in Russian universities.

Your journey of MBBS in Russia can be once in a lifetime experience for you because you get to witness the great eminence of medical education, practical exposure in the medical field, fully-furnished hostel facilities (both in-campus as well as off-campus), the magnificent beauty of Russia, fresh and good quality Indian food, and scholarship even (if you fill the scholarship criteria).

Furthermore, every medical student in Russia gets this medical insurance for all courses including the full medical treatment, whenever needed.

MOKSH aims to place you in the top 10 medical universities in Russia and this is why most of the Indian students prefer consulting us. Russia is known for the great quality of education it provides. However, the process of admission at Russian universities may be tricky when it comes to choosing the University, especially, when you know nothing about these Russian Universities. Fraudulent foreign education consultants’ commonly trick Indian students into joining B – grade Universities.

It’s always better to choose Russian universities because they offer you with the perfect blend of the finest quality of medical education and affordable cost. As mentioned above, there are already thousands of medical aspirants studying MBBS in Russia which underlines the fact that it’s the most suitable choice for Indian students. Moreover, the constant flow of international students in Russia ensures that the Russian universities do not compromise with the standard of medical education.

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