Who is IV Therapy For?

There’s a lot of buzz around IV therapy lately, but it’s not exactly a new treatment either. Professional athletes and patients in a hospital setting have been taking advantage of the benefits of IV therapy for years. So, you might be asking yourself, ‘Is IV therapy right for me?’. Well, let’s take a look at first, what IV therapy is, and then we’ll provide you with some information that might make you answer that question accurately.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy involves delivering medications or nutrients directly into the bloodstream, via the veins. With this method of administration, you enjoy 100% absorption of medications or nutrients. This means that you know exactly how much you’re absorbing – as opposed to rolling the dice with oral administration.

Also, IV therapy involves bringing fluid directly into the body via the vascular system. Hence, when it comes to individuals who are dehydrated – there’s no better solution than IV therapy. This could involve individuals with kidney issues, athletes who are trying to cut weight, or persons’ who live an extremely active lifestyle and sweat a lot.

Who is IV Therapy For?

We alluded to this question in the previous section, however, we’ll get into specific scenarios here in which IV therapy is extremely useful.

  • Persons who are at risk of dehydration and malabsorption due to kidney issues will benefit from the hydration and vitamins/minerals that IV therapy provides.
  • Athletes who are required to cut weight for a competition find IV therapy extremely useful. Usually, during the weight cutting phase, they have just a few days or even hours to rehydrate before their competition. Hence, IV therapy provides a virtually-instant method of regaining valuable water weight that was lost.
  • Alcohol is a strong diuretic that causes loss of water, electrolytes, and vitamins alike. After a night of heavy drinking – IV therapy is the best method of speeding your recovery for water and nutrients lost.
  • Individuals dealing with gut health issues can benefit greatly from IV therapies. They sometimes deal with issues like diarrhea or poor digestion, which can result in malabsorption. In this case, we bypass the vascular system to deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream, without running the risk of not absorbing their nutrition and ending up deficient.

If you fall into any of these categories, make sure to seek out a quality IV drip clinic.

Is IV Therapy Right For You?

Iv therapy provides the most effective solution for rapid rehydration and individuals who are potentially dealing with malabsorption issues due to poor gut health, etc. If you’re struggling to maintain adequate nutrient levels or water balance, then IV therapy is undeniably a great choice for you.

For individuals who are in perfect health, it might not be totally necessary. However, who can really say they’re in perfect health? It would be worth your while to thoroughly test your nutrition status and then make that determination.

For the rest of us, IV therapy is definitely for you!

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