What Is Medical Coding?

Medical Coding ages back to the 18th century and was first introduced in London’s public bills of mortality. Many people fail to understand the concept of medical coding.

The fields of medical and coding are poles apart. However, when combined, medical coding can make life easier for doctors and insurance officers. It transforms extensive medical data into alphanumeric codes that are easy to read universally.

Initially, experts used medical coding to measure the most common reasons for death. Since then, medical coding has evolved and is now used for a variety of things.

A Deeper Look At Medical Coding

The information collected for coding includes medical data such as transcription notes, test results, and other medical documentation. The data is then turned into codes that are easy to process, and one can record them for accurate billing. Medical coders are responsible for translating the information and accurately replacing it with corresponding codes.

Medical coders must have extensive information on medical problems and treatments. They should understand anatomy and physiology in great depth to code it accurately. Not only that, but medical coders must also understand the business side of medicine.

What Does A Medical Coder Do Day To Day?

A medical coder has to narrate the entire story of the patient’s visit to the doctor and their treatments.

They observe everything happening with a patient, from diagnosis to treatment and everything in between. Coders also observe if the patient goes through any unusual circumstances, which is evident in their codes.

A medical coder may take several notes throughout a patient’s visit. They take notes and use the next day to review them to start the coding process. They have to summarize all the information they have to make it easier to complete the coding procedure. The summary may include important information such as the physician’s name, the date of the appointment, and any other variables.

Since the insurance company receives this code, it must cover all grounds. The insurance company must have all the details of what ensued during the treatment to process the payment. Using plain language can cause inaccuracies, which does not sit well with the insurance companies who need to process the payout. It is also highly inefficient and time-consuming to review each detail and then do the needful.

A widespread misconception about medical coders is that they work in the hospital. That is true, but that is not the only place a medical coder works in. These coders can work in several locations. You may find a medical coder working wherever medical professionals provide their services. Some of the most common places you’ll find a medical coder are rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, emergency care units, and clinics.

Billing fraud is a prevalent problem that leads insurance companies to hire medical coders off their own accord to verify if a client is making wrongful claims.

Several medical coding companies hire individual medical coders to work as a part of a coding team. If you wish to start your medical coding career, you can reach out to a medical coding company. and their professionals can help you further your professional career.

Procedure Used For Medical Coding

The most common method used for medical coding is CPT (Current Procedural Terminology). This coding manual is a part of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. The American Medical Association manages this coding system.

Medicare and Medicaid Services adopted this manual and made it the standard for all their coding.  They also took inspiration from the other insurance companies and decided to follow suit, using the manual as a standard coding procedure.

With changes in technology, coding systems change and adapt to newer technology so that they are not outdated.

Who Can Be A Medical Coder?

It is not a requirement to have a medical degree to be a medical coder. However, people who pursue this career must get a certification or complete their associate degree. Many community colleges offer medical coding programs, and completing these programs might take 1-2 years.

Even then, it is not a requisite. Employers can decide on their own when it comes to the level of qualification they are looking for in a medical coder. Some medical coding companies are even fine with a plain high school degree and medical coding training. Before you decide what you should study, you must look at all the companies you want to approach and then complete your qualification.

If you wish to excel in this career, you can opt for certification once you complete your initial training. This helps you get better job opportunities, and you will be able to market yourself quickly. There are professional associations that offer to certify individuals as certified professional coders. To get the certificate, individuals have to have to pass an exam.

In Conclusion

Medical coding has made it extremely easy to use and transfer patient information from one department to the other. There are loads of opportunities for medical coders,  as the medical industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology.

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