What does weight loss counseling mean in Fairfax?

Approximately 70 percent of Americans are obese, and the numbers are increasing every year. It shows that the traditional methods of cutting down weight are not working. Obesity is a concern for aesthetics, physical health risks, and mental health issues. People who are obese tend to have increased anxiety, low esteem, low confidence and may even suffer from depression. So to combat these issues, you need some non-traditional methods of weight loss. So in this post, we will discuss Fairfax weight loss counseling.

What is weight-loss counseling?

Weight loss counseling is a method to increase your awareness and challenge or change the negative thoughts that drive your unhealthy habits. It is an added benefit for your weight-loss journey. But you must understand that counseling is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.

To understand the impact of weight-loss counseling, you must first know how your mind influences your weight loss.

Influence of mind over weight-loss

Has it ever happened to you that you decide one fine day that you will go on a diet and then an invitation for a friend’s birthday party comes up, and you break the promise you made to yourself of not eating unhealthy food? It sounds relatable. Isn’t it. So what thoughts come to your mind when you change your decision. It’s okay to binge for just one day; dieting is too hard, I’ll do it from tomorrow, and so on. So these thoughts are as if your mind is acting against you. Here the counselor plays a crucial role as he will help you break the cycle of cravings and overeating. 

Ways a counselor can help you stay on track.

Implementation of weight-loss knowledge into practical life

You know that you need to lose weight, but the implementation part is the most difficult. A counselor can help you by making you aware of the facts and making a realistic plan.

Builds motivation

A counselor will help you nurture intrinsic motivation and enable you to sweep the old habits and replace them with good habits.

He helps you deal with emotional eating.

Have you ever heard of the word ’emotional eating’? Sometimes you eat more to suppress a negative feeling. A counselor can help you deal with the negative emotions and increase the frequency of positive emotions that act as motivators. 


So the key to success in your weight control journey starts with your mind. Once you control your mind, you can quickly implement what you already know about weight loss methods.

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