Types Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is a serious issue and not very uncommon. Almost 10 million people in the USA suffer from domestic violence. Often, people do not take steps to protect themselves and feel there’s no need for any legal action. However, you should start looking for a protection from abuse attorney in PA when things get out of control.

When somebody hears the words “domestic violence,” they imagine a person physically beating another. However, domestic violence comes in many forms. It is essential to know what constitutes domestic violence to be able to take legal action against it. 

Types Of Domestic Abuse

  • Physical abuse. 

You must know at least one person who has endured physical abuse. It occurs when one family member hits another with force and hurts them, for example, a punch, kick, strangling, pushing, biting, throwing objects at them, etc. The injury does not have to be prominent. Even if a person simply slaps you, which does not require going to the hospital, it is still abuse. 

  • Emotional abuse. 

It is called emotional abuse when a person hurts another not by force but with their negative words. It may include humiliation, lowering of self-worth, and criticism. Emotional abuse can damage a person mentally and cause them to go into depression. This type of abuse is often difficult to prove as they do not have physical evidence. However, these can be identified by a person’s words. 

  • Sexual abuse. 

Sexual abuse is most commonly endured by women and can negatively impact them for the rest of their lives. Sexual abuse, apart from rape and harassment, includes inappropriate touching, being forced to have intercourse without protection, and other demeaning behaviors. 

  • Financial abuse. 

Financial abuse is often lesser-known. Financial abuse can take many forms. For example, the most common one is an abusive husband preventing his wife from spending money without his permission first. In this situation, the wife is entirely dependent on her abusive partner for her finances, even buying things as little as groceries. 

  • Stalking.

Four out of five females are victims of stalking. Stalking is a form of abuse where a person, typically your ex-partner, pursues or approaches you even after being told not to. This can include watching your social media, breaking into your house, following your daily activities, violating restraining orders, etc. 

People often delay reporting domestic violence, which only gives the abuser more chances to hurt the victims. Domestic abuse can have extreme psychological effects on a person and should be addressed as soon as possible. 

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