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Trump has opposed lockdown forever; He said that healing could not be worse than the difficulty

Washington: U.S. President Donald Trump has vehemently opposed those who support a permanent lockdown in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, saying the cure itself cannot be worse than the difficulty. 

At his first rally Monday after signing the coronavirus deal, Trump said that the lockdown had done an enormous disservice to the states. 

“It only came to our notice then. The remedy itself cannot be worse than the problem. The cure couldn’t have been worse, ”Trump said of his supporters in the war-torn the Florida state. 

After a positive test for CVD-19 on October 1, Trump was briefly pushed to break off his re-election campaign and was hospitalized to a military hospital for four days. The doctors of White House have now made him clear for an election rally.

He said that he would kiss boys and pretty lady and even everybody. Trump said that he is coming out from coronavirus.

“It gives you a better sense when you can hit something, and now they say you’re in immunity – I don’t know how long.”

“They have some excellent immunity. We learned it better than you. Better than all of us. But we always want to keep our kids safe. But we should open our schools; we should go back to business. Our country needs to be moving, and it is spinning. You will see that when the amounts are published, “he said.

Trump announced that his policy had saved the lives of millions of people.

“It’s only the faultiness of China. They let it be. They allowed it to get out of China. But about 2.2 million people died in the COVID-19 situation. Just memorize that they do not like to tell the truth. I have a lot of respect for this country’s people for the way they have maintained it. It is an incredible celebration of love together. It has happened, ”he added.

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