Top five careers in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an indispensable function of any organization. Regardless of the organization’s size, human resources management is essential to manage the most valuable asset of any business- employees. However, many people often think that the job of a human resources manager is limited to the practice of recruiting, onboarding, and managing employees. But, trust me, the functions of human resource management are way more than this.

In fact, it is complex and challenging to run a company without human resource management successfully. This department of any company is responsible for achieving organizational goals by recruiting those ambitious professionals who fit the culture, requirements, and vision of the business. Human resources professionals also focus on building a safe, healthy, and competitive work environment for the company’s employees. Coupled with this, human resource management also helps employees achieve their individual goals.

Taking up a human resource management course could be a great career choice for you. There’s no denying that a career in human resource management is rewarding, but the profession also involves several challenges. Moreover, a career in human resource management will never go out of trend. Hence, you will always have job security in this profession.

In this blog, you will discover the top five careers in human resource management to choose from. So, check it now!

Highest paying human resource management jobs

Here is the list of the top five human resource management careers to choose from:

  1. Human Resource Manager

These professionals look after hiring, training, compensation, and benefits, any other functions related to the company’s workforce. They also deal with HR-related problems and ensure that all procedures are in line with the organization’s policies. According to, the average salary of a human resource manager in Canada is CAD 80,009 a year.

  1. Training and Development Manager

A training and development manager is responsible for supporting the company’s workforce via education, training, and career planning interventions. These HR professionals organize orientation sessions for employees and compose training collaterals. The PayScale report suggests that Canada’s training and development manager makes CAD 73,951 per year.

  1. Talent Acquisition Specialist

These HR professionals look after the proper staffing of a company. Talent acquisition specialists identify job openings after meeting with members of management. They also determine the selection criteria of employees and identify staff needs. According to PayScale, the average salary of a talent acquisition specialist in Canada is CAD 57,757 a year.

  1. Compensation and Benefits Analyst

This HR position involves defining a fair and competitive compensation and benefits package. Compensation and benefits analysts ensure that the compensation follows the current legislation. According to, the average salary of a compensation and benefits analyst in Canada is CAD 52,121 a year.

  1. Employee Relations Specialist

Employee relations specialists explain the company’s guidelines, regulations, and government rules to employees. Plus, these professionals counsel employees regarding work, family, and personal problems. The Glassdoor report shows that an employee relations specialist makes CAD 126,119 per year.

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