Top 5 Online Video Maker Software That Are Easy To Use

If you enjoy creating videos for personal or business use, you need a user-friendly online video maker. For example, the Promo Editor helps you take your videos to a whole new level without any fuss. Whether you’re sharing family vlogs, vacations, MTVs with friends, or promoting your products with an explainer, the best video editor will get the job done seamlessly. The key to success is finding a simple tool that’s easy to use. If you need the simplest video editing software, take a look at our top five picks below. Get started and learn the perks of these online video makers. 

The Advantages of Using a Video Maker for Making Your Content Pop

The primary advantage of utilizing an online video maker software is saving resources. For starters, you no longer have to hire a professional for your projects. Business owners find this handy because you can now create full-scale ads for social media without glitches. Thanks to technology, even if you don’t have design expertise, you can craft amazing videos. Create personal projects or digital marketing materials that wow your audience. 

Furthermore, these online video editors come with free versions. If you want to pay for more features, take advantage of affordable tiered rates. Best of all, they work with your existing PC, tablet, or even mobile phone, giving you the option to work on the go. You don’t have to buy a high-tech gadget to make the software run smoothly. Moreover, you can save all your work on a cloud, assuring you can save your precious computer memory. 

Today’s online video editors prioritize an easy user interface. You can readily navigate the dashboard and toolbar. As such, you can add various effects, fonts, clips, etc. With a click of a button. Imagine making videos in a matter of minutes. Thus, the simplicity of these video-making solutions assure someone with minimal design talent can create stunning videos. 

Top 5 Video Making Software That Assures Seamless Productions

Remember, you will find a lot of online video maker software in cyberspace, but they are certainly not created equal to one another. Though they all aim to help you create cool videos, these video editors come with specific nuances. Usually, they vary in package rates, cloud or download, features, and other specs. To help you find the least complex tool that will make your editing life easy, take a look at the top five popular editors today:


This brand holds the top position because it readily gives justice to its name. It is the best tool that helps you promote your work on social media. You can create various projects like MTVs, slide shows, narrative clips, and even simple pic collages. This video maker assures you can make any kind of video no matter your purpose.

Best of all, it has a free version that assure you can create eye-catching videos with no Promo watermarks. Should you need more bells and whistles, you can upgrade to a premium or business level. But don’t worry, the price is very affordable even personal users level up. If you feel unsure, fret not, for live chat support works round the clock to answer your queries. This tool assures you enjoy the following: 

  • Tons of high-quality video footage
  • Stock photos
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Extensive music library
  • Animation 
  • Various fonts 
  • Transitions and effects
  • Multiple-formats

2. Blender 

This goes in the top two slots because it is free to download. It works well with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This free editing program allows you to focus on 3D creation. You can even make models, animation, simulation, or rigging. This assures you can perform video basics like:

  • Cutting and splicing
  • Video masking
  • Color grading
  • Audio mixing

However, you may need to take time to master this free video editor. For business users who want to create stunning 3D materials, this is a gem. However, for casual users, the learning curve may be a turn-off.

3. Animoto

Another user-friendly online video maker is Animoto. It helps you make stunning animations and standard videos without breaking into a sweat. Easily edit and create awesome videos even if you have no prior experience. It is an excellent software for newbies because the drag and drop functionality means everything is a click away. However, it comes with a pretty steep price. The free version enforces a huge Animoto watermark at the corner of your work, so it is very off-putting. 

4. Flipagram

This super handy app allows you to make videos with your mobile device without any hassles. Furthermore, this online video maker comes with no extra cost as it is free to download from the iTunes or Google Play app store. This cool tool assures you can turn the stuff in your phone gallery into video masterpieces. Add cool songs, graphics, and fonts to your work to catch more attention. This tool is super easy to use with just a touch of your fingers. However, the caveat is it can only create super short clips. If you need to create longer work, you need a different video maker. 

5. Magisto

Finally, the last app on our top five is this brand that lives up to its tagline to help you create a Magic Story. You can readily transform your photos and videos into stunning artworks. There is a free version, but it comes with the Magisto watermark. This can distract your viewers and confuse them with your branding. 

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy better features, you must pay for the Pro or Business account. This indeed comes with more effects, templates, and choices. Many people opt to pay for the upgrade because it includes a Pro Membership with Vimeo. It is akin to hitting two birds with one stone. 

Final Wrap Up

In conclusion, thanks to technology, video making is no longer limited to professionals who went to school for film theory. Now, online video maker software assures even beginners can create polished and pristine videos. You will find many helpful digital tools offering full features you can readily use with a drag and drop function. Even kids find it very easy to use these programs! 

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