Top 4 Ways To Help Calm Your Cough

Have you been struggling with a nagging and persistent cough lately? If you’ve found yourself frantically researching Brillia cough control and home remedies, you may be in need of a few simple strategies for calming your chest and throat. Unfortunately, coughs can sometimes persist for a number of reasons, including lingering illnesses, allergies and more. Whatever the cause of your cough may be, you can help soothe it by figuring out what type you have and trying out some standby homeopathic remedies. Check out the top strategies below.

Different Types Of Coughs

Before you can find the right treatment to help calm your cough, it’s important to know what do different coughs mean and to figure out what type you have. Although your precise symptoms may vary, in general, the most common types include:

  • A wet cough
  • A dry cough
  • A persistent or uncontrollable cough
  • An illness-related cough, such as those due to croup, bronchitis, whooping cough or a viral infection
  • A mucus-driven cough coming from the chest

When you’re experiencing one of these common types of coughs, there are a few steps you can take right away to feel better. You may want to try one or more of these strategies to see which one works best for you. You can help soothe most symptoms by:

  • Drinking warm liquids with some honey stirred in
  • Eating soft and easily digestible foods
  • Installing a bedroom humidifier
  • Taking aspirin or a cough-reducing medicine
  • Using an expectorant to get rid of stubborn mucus

Homeopathic Remedies

In addition to trying the steps outlined above and keeping homeopathic cough medicine handy just in case, there are a few other homeopathic remedies that could help you get rid of your cough. These treatments can help soothe an itchy throat, clear out mucus and reduce the overall severity of a persistent cough. To help calm your symptoms the natural way in the comfort of your own home, you can:

  1. Combine essential oils such as eucalyptus with a few drops of water and breathe in the resulting aromatherapeutic blend to help you decongest and to soothe your chest and throat.
  2. Mix ginger and honey into an herbal tea and sip on it throughout the day.
  3. Take a hot bath and allow the steam to help clear out your throat and help relieve congestion that could be worsening your cough.
  4. Put a pinch of salt into a glass of water and do a gargle a few times a day until your symptoms begin to subside.

When you’re dealing with a frustratingly-persistent cough, there are several tried-and-true strategies that can help you calm it and even get rid of it over time. Determining what type of cough you have and why it may be hanging around even after you’ve dealt with the root case can help. By trying out homeopathic remedies such as warm drinks, salt gargles, essential oil treatments and more, you may be able to soothe your cough in a pinch.

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