The Ultimate Guide on Back Pain Management 

Pain can strike abruptly as a result of straining or twisting. But how do you recognize back pain? What are the causes and signs of back pain or various pains? Who gives the treatment for back pain in Houston? Take a tour with  Dr. William L Yancey to find out what it is about this affliction.

Back pain: What is it?

Back pain is a common condition caused by compression, injury, or inflammation of the sciatic nerves. Concerning the largest nerves in the body, the perceived pain is very intense in case of irritation. It results in a sciatic nerve crisis that follows a unilateral path. It begins in the lower back, continues along the leg, passing through the hips and buttocks. Each sciatic nerve starts from the last lumbar vertebrae and joins the toes. It is the most distant nerve in the body of a human and is made up of many nerve roots originating from the spinal cord. These sciatic roots are found between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae (L4-L5). It is also present between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the 1st sacral vertebra (L5-S1).

As the sciatic nerve innervates the leg, it can weaken the sensitivity of the lower limbs when injured. This disorder can arise from several factors.

What Are the Causes of Back pain?

Sciatica is the most well-known of all back pain. It represents a real ordeal for its victims. It has several factors at its origin:

  • The herniated disc is the most prevalent problem of Back pain. 
  • Osteoarthritis of the lumbar vertebrae
  • Vertebral compression or fracture related to osteoporosis
  • A tumor or a demarcated metastasis in the spine
  • Obesity: it corresponds to an overload imposed on the spine.
  • Age: the spine weakens with age. This can lead to a herniated disc or pinching of the discs.
  • Pregnancy: the increase in weight affects the lumbar spine and can cause pinching of the sciatic nerve. This back pain normally goes away with childbirth.
  • Shock and serious trauma causing dysfunction of the lumbar spine
  • Narrowing of the lumbar canal or spinal stenosis, often associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Facet syndrome: the facet joints irritate the sciatic nerve during prolonged bad posture or false movement.
  • Piriformis syndrome is the sciatic nerve compression by the pelvis and the hip muscle called the piriformis.
  • An inflammatory disease of the spine: this is particularly psoriatic arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

If a person is suffering from back pain, they must visit an interventional pain specialist in Houston. Back pain goes away once its origin has been identified and its treatment determined. 

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