The last 3 steps of finishing alcohol addiction treatment

If you are coming to the end of your alcohol addiction treatment at a reputable rehab facility, then you must be proud of yourself. You have gone through the beginning phases of treatment that were the most difficult to overcome, such as admitting you have a problem, going through the multi-week process of medical Intrepid Detox, attending group therapy sessions, going to individual counseling, and adhering to your individual program. Now that you’re coming to the end of your inpatient treatment, you just have to follow a few more steps so you can successfully check out of rehab and lead a sober, healthy, and happy life!

Let’s see the last three steps that you should keep in mind when it comes to reintegrating into society and finishing your program at your local alcohol addiction treatment center.

The last 3 steps of alcohol addiction treatment to finish!

Finishing individual counseling

One of the last steps you will have to go through when it comes to finishing your alcohol addiction treatment is ending your individual counseling with your therapist at the center. Typically, when you transition to outpatient therapy, you will find a new therapist that is close to your home or has a schedule that works with outpatient therapy. Oftentimes, inpatient therapists are only for patients living at the facility. In this case, you will have to finish therapy with your specific counselor and figure out a way to open up to a new person when you reintegrate into the outside world. Learn more about how alcohol addiction treatment works for you.

Integrate into society

The next step of finishing your rehab program at an alcoholic treatment program is to reintegrate into society. You can typically do so by finding a sober living house to stay at, finding an apartment, or moving in with family or friends. Typically, the more stable your living situation is, the better off you will be – in this case trying to find like-minded individuals to live with if you are not living by yourself.

After you have found a stable living situation, try and find a job or go back to school. You will need to have some type of income so you can continue paying rent and living comfortably. Talk with your therapist and other counselors at your alcohol addiction treatment center. I see how you should find a job when you go back into the real world.

Attend outpatient therapy

The last step of reintegrating into society and leaving the alcohol addiction treatment center is finding an outpatient therapist that will work with your needs and schedule. Ask your counselors at the center if they have any recommendations that will help you choose the best professional that you can use for your needs.


When it comes to going back into society after going through a long and rigorous rehab program at an alcohol addiction treatment center, you have a few things in mind. Make sure you focus on positively ending your therapy sessions, integrating into society by finding a job and place to live, and finding a new outpatient therapist.

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