The Importance of Regular Visits To An Optometrist Near Me

When it comes to having regular eye care exams at an Optometrists Near Me we will all probably be guilty of not going regularly enough, most probably have never have been going at all. Eye care checks with an Optometrist are not always high on our list of priorities because we may not be fully aware of exactly what a regular eye care check can reveal to your local optometrist. Regular eye care checks are most commonly used to detecting vision deficiency but there are many other diagnosis’s that can be found and treated by an optometrist during regular visits and checkups.

Our vision can deteriorate either at a very quick pace or more gradually, if it is a quick process, it is more likely that you will book in an appointment to see the optometrist to understand the reason for the deterioration but would the same be true if it was a more gradual deterioration? Or would you do as many others do and wait until your arm that is holding a reading article is not long enough to go as far away as your eyes need it to be so as to be able to focus? I know many people choose to do the latter but do not hesitate to book in for an appointment with your optometrist so they can have a thorough checkup to see the cause for deterioration. The most common cause of this is due to advancing in age and a very quick and simple treatment for this is a pair of eye glasses or contact lenses depending on the type of eye wear that is most comfortable and practical. The lens type and severity will be prescribed by your optometrist specifically for the areas of deterioration in your individual vision eye exam.

Another eye condition that is mostly caused by advancing age is a cataract. A cataract is a clouding that appears on the lens of the eye caused by proteins breaking down in the natural eye lens. A cataract may go unnoticed due to the fact that it is usually very slow to grow and when it is in its early stages it does not always impede on your vision early on. This is why regular and routine visits are vitally important as a cataract can be picked up in its early stages and treated from very early on. A cataract will worsen over time and may actually result in needing to undergo a type of surgery to remove the cataract and help to bring some vision back to the eye. It is a very quick and simple surgery that will not take a lot of time at all and the cloudy lens that is causing a cataract will be removed and replaced with another lens that has been chosen specifically to match the prescription required for each eye and it can also help to correct long sighted vision or short-sighted vision if it is required.

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