Tesla Model Y Seat Covers

Tesla owners ought to be serious about maintaining their car’s appearance. Not only is your Tesla Model Y built for safety, but also style. It is only logical that you extend safety and style into your interior. Car seat covers are an important accessory when it comes to protecting your interior upholstery. For the Tesla Model Y, none other provides the ultimate protection like canvas, camo and leather. A quick look at either will easily provide you with enough information to make the best choice.

  • Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers are the most suitable way to protect your Tesla seats from moisture damage. Canvas is also highly functional and convenient, as the material is strong and sturdy. Canvas popularity stems from its wide scale use in the manufacturing of tents as well as in boat sails and awnings. In the automotive sector, canvas use is versatile, providing protection as well as improving the visual aesthetics of the interior. Moreover, canvas seat covers are durable, able to take on any tension and subsequent wear. Unfortunately, these seat covers aren’t designed for comfort but with customisation, you can include them as a perk. Canvas seat covers are suitable if you have kids or pets who may accidentally damage your original seats.

  • Mossy Oak Camo Seat Covers

Customize your Tesla with the Mossy Oak custom camo seat covers. In synonymy with the realistic standards, Camouflage is known for depicting the outdoor themes of your choice. The Mossy Oak camo seat covers can handle whatever use is thrown at them. Not only do they improve the visual aesthetics of your interior, but also protect your seats. Mossy Oak is a polyester/nylon blend fabric that protects your seats from constant abrasion from regular use. Moreover, with customisation, you can decide on the level of comfort you want and have it installed. Mossy Oak camo seat covers are 100% waterproof, making them easier to clean and drip dry.

  • Leather Seat Covers

If your Tesla came with original leather seats, then you’re lucky, if not, custom leather seat covers will suit you well.  Leather covers by Saddlaman without a doubt can add a dash of visual aesthetics and luxury to your Tesla model Y. Moreover, leather is comfortable to feel and is stylish requiring no additional tweaking.

The protective aspects of leather are usually underestimated, considering people only view it as a luxury item. Leather seat covers let you enjoy all the uniqueness it has to offer. They not only give you ultimate comfort but also provide excellent resistance against water. Leather covers also safeguard your car seats and keep them stylish, boosting your interior décor.

Leather seat covers also resist heat and UV damage, making them ideal for all-weather any season. However, leather is usually expensive since it is durable.

Have you made a Choice Yet?

Transform your interior with the Tesla Custom Seat Covers by Saddleman. Installing seat covers maintain your seats in their original state, boosting your truck’s resale value. Hence, seat covers are, in essence, an investment and should be considered carefully. Since the interior of vehicles is often overlooked, it would be wise to give it more consideration during maintenance.

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