Spinal Cord Stimulator- Your Best and Last Option for Back Pain

Back pain can really be disturbing and exhausting when you are not able to carry out daily tasks, and all you think about is getting rid of this pain by any means. Most treatment options include exercises, taking painkillers, and undergoing therapies. Sometimes, none of these work or they work for a limited time. Afterward, you start feeling the same pain again. This is when Livingston spinal cord stimulation comes into play. Many people have taken advantage of this treatment. Some of the benefits can be explained as follows:

Certainty about the relief

A trial is performed on the body of the patient. It can test the response of the patient for the treatment, unlike any other option. The surgery is performed only if the patient’s body is responding. This reduces the uncertainty about the treatment to a great extent, and he feels more at ease.

Reduced medications

A person with chronic back pain has to undergo various medications, which have their underlined side effects. After taking this treatment, the patient does not have to take those medicines anymore. After the spinal cord stimulator is implanted, there is no need to go for therapies and massages. 

Get rid of the pain

It is painful to carry out daily activities if you have chronic back pain. With the help of spinal cord stimulation, the patient gets rid of this pain and feels more focused and energetic. This works by sending tiny electric pulses into the patient’s spinal cord, which prevents sending the pain signal to the brain. This results in no more pain to the patient.

Carry out physical activities

One of the remarkable benefits of spinal cord stimulation is its effectiveness. The patient is able to perform routine tasks such as walking to the park, exercising, and playing with kids. He feels more active and energetic when it comes to carrying out all the physical activities. For him, he has regained his life and strength after many years of pain.

Reversible treatment option

The amazing thing about this treatment is that it can be removed and switched off at any time. You need to get in touch with your doctor and ask him to take it out because it is not permanently fixed to your body.

With the advancement of technology in the healthcare industry, it has become easier for healthcare providers to deal with complex medical conditions such as back pain.

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