Reasons why you need to choose top tank water tank in Kenya

Water is life.  Without water everything gets into a standstill. We need water to be able to do so many things both at home and even outside the home environment. For us to be able to be comfortable with enough stock of water we need a good storage.  A storage that can last us a long period of time. In some areas of Kenya at the moment there is water shortage.

A tank is definitely  the answer. In this article,  I will talk about the importance of saving water,  the advantages of a top tank and the disadvantages of a plastic top tank.

Why save water?

Water is something that is always in motion.  It is wise to have enough stores of at all times. Water saving also helps you save money. Buying water from water vendors is very expensive.  A 20litres jerican of water in town areas goes for about 50 Kenyan shillings.  In an average home one may need at least 100 litres of water daily.  That means you need 250 Kenya shillings daily for you to be comfortable.

That’s a total of seven thousand, five hundred Kenya shillings monthly.  That is the amount saved each month just by having a top tank that gets filled own it’s own by the rains.  How awesome is this!

Advantages of top tanks

Water tanks prevent floods. Stagnant water leads to ground weaknesses.  We know how fatal that can be.  Destruction of houses and landslides can be avoided by simply trapping the water with tanks. Top tanks are the best for this kind of job as they are available in different shapes and sizes to meet the demands of each and everyone us.  They are on demand as they are durable.

Top tank prices in Kenya also is amazing. They have great offers.  The larger the tank the better the prices. To prevent destruction that also costs the life of our loved ones,  let us get ourselves a top tank that we are able to afford.

Top tanks can be used for irrigation in farming. Farms need a lot of water to keep the plants in good shape.  Rainy seasons are a plus for farmers but in most cases rains are not available through out. Theiris always that season of drought.  If a farmer is not well prepared then all the crops will die. No farmer wants to incur such loses after working on their farms tirelessly.

Having tanks will save the farmers a great deal.  In addition to this some farmers also rear cattles.  Animals need to drink alot of water to remain healthy.  It is advantageous for a farmer to have good storage of water.

How safe is a top tank?

A top tank is made of polyethylene. It is a food grade material which means it is not harmful to the human body.  It can store water that is suitable for human consumption.

Disadvantage of plastic top tanks.

Every product must have pros and cons. During hot seasons that lasts a longer duration, a plastic top tank will start producing  chemicals that mix with water and therefore interfering with water properties. The encouraging part is that, after some time the tank gets used to the harsh condition  and does not produce the chemicals anymore.


All that being said,  it is clear that the goodness outweighs the bad. As we all know nothing is 100% perfect but we go for something that can satisfy our needs. Top tank is the best so far in Kenyan market.  Get as many as you can and save yourself the ordeal of buying water.

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