People Who Use NAD+ Patches Report Increase in Energy

Over half of Americans drink coffee, with the average person drinking three cups a day. Though they may enjoy it, many people are throwing back the java to get a much-needed energy boost. Life is busy, and it can be tough to keep up if energy levels are consistently low. This is why so many people reach for caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks to feel more alert. But, unfortunately, the effects are short-lived, and your energy levels will quickly fall.

When energy levels are high, you will be more likely to make healthy decisions. For example, if you are exhausted after work you may order in take-out and skip the gym. However, if you are feeling refreshed and energetic, you may cook yourself a healthy meal or go for a long walk.

When your body is functioning as it should, you will feel better. To help regulate key bodily functions and produce energy within your body, you can take NAD+. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and occurs naturally in our body. The coenzyme was first discovered over 100 years ago by a Nobel-Prize-winning biochemist. Without it, we wouldn’t survive! NAD+ repairs DNA and deactivates genes that accelerate aging, but as we age, these levels decline and as a result, the signs of aging appear.

Fortunately, there are ways to maintain and increase NAD+ levels. You can think of it as a health supplement for your DNA and cells. Unlike many other supplements, it shouldn’t be taken as a pill as it isn’t as effective. NAD+ is not absorbed well through the intestines and therefore shouldn’t pass through your stomach. Injections and infusions are effective, but they aren’t for everyone. A patch might be an easy and affordable way to increase levels and is especially appealing for those who are needle-adverse.

NAD+ patches are less expensive than some other delivery methods. They work by being absorbed through the skin with the iontophoresis patch. Each patch contains 400mg of 100% pure NAD+ solution.

These patches aren’t something you will find on the shelves of your local health food store.

You need a prescription. The Iontophoresis patch is battery operated and administers NAD+ through the skin into the bloodstream. For this reason, it is considered a medical device and must be compounded and made to order by a certified pharmacist. The standard protocol is to wear a patch once a week for 4 hours; however, depending on your age and your current NAD+ levels, you may choose to use the patch more or less.

The patch can be placed where it is not visible, ideally where hair will not interfere with the adhesive. Typical placements include the abdomen, upper arm, thigh, and back. It is equipped with a strong adhesive to keep it in place and allow you to continue with your regular activities.

When sticking the NAD+ patch to your body, it is best to hold the entire patch in an open hand and apply with one motion. Due to the strong adhesive, it will take a few minutes to remove it. You will need to use warm water and soak the patch for it to come to loose.

You can acquire this prescription and order a supply of NAD+ patches through an online telehealth service., for example, is a telehealth subscription service that is focused on longevity therapies like NAD+. Upon visiting their website, you can purchase a one-time 6-week supply or a quarterly subscription containing a 12-week dosage. The one-time purchase (6-week dosage) is a complete kit. You’ll receive 6 Rx-exclusive Iontophoresis patches with 2400 mg of NAD+ solution. To get started, you will create an account and then share a bit about your health, medical history, and lifestyle. The medical team will evaluate this and determine if you are a good candidate for NAD+ patches. If so, it will be delivered directly to your home.

Many users report better sleep, improved mood, increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, faster healing times, and better post-workout recovery.

A 69-female from Irvine, California, and AgelessRx customer had said, “I was feeling very sluggish and tired (like chronic fatigue syndrome) for the last year, and I wasn’t getting any better. I decided to use three patches a week (after discussing with the doctor). I can’t believe it… my energy level has improved tremendously, and I feel much more clear headed. This is a product I will continue using for the rest of my life…”.

In addition to DNA repair and feeling better, some use NAD+ patches to help overcome addiction to tobacco, opioids, and other substances. A great deal of clinical evidence suggests NAD+ is beneficial for treating addiction.

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