Oil Pulling for Oral Care

Oil Pulling is an age-old technique that was used by our ancestors to take good care of the oral cavity and the adjoining areas that are linked by it such as the nose, ears, throat, gums, oral lining, sinuses, and the stomach.

In the last few years, oil pulling has been rediscovered by many Indians and westerners and is being followed as a healthy regime to maintain good oral and general health.

In Ayurvedic terms, Oil pulling is of two kinds – Gandusha which is a method of using a mouthful of oil or water mixed with oil or herbs; and Kabala –  where the quantity does not entirely fill-up the mouth and there is space in the mouth to swish the liquid around. These are the 2 topmost methods in Ayurveda for oral benefits.

Gandusha and Kabala

Gandusha and Kabala are both essentially the same methods but only with a minute difference in the quantity of solution that is used to fill the mouth for cleansing.

In Gandusha, which is considered to be more of a treatment than a procedure itself, a trained professional first massages the neck and shoulder with warm herbal oils to prep the body for the treatment. This needs to be done first thing in the morning and in a room with no wind flow and with natural warm light.

The patient is propped up slightly to intake a mouthful of the ayurvedic solution, mostly in the form of a lukewarm oil or lukewarm water mixed with oil or herbs. The desired solution may also be ghee, honey, milk, and other such substances and can be warm or cold based on the disease we are dealing with.

This is then retained in the mouth without swallowing for as long as possible. The solution then spits out and should be rinsed from the mouth only after 30 mins. Kabala is a much easier process and the main reason Oil pulling can now be done at the comfort of your own home.

Kabala methodology is similar to Gandusha but can be done with organic sesame oil, coconut oil, or lukewarm water mixed with sesame seed powder. This solution needs to be poured into the mouth with enough space to fill the mouth and to swish the liquid solution around.

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Benefits of Gandusha/Kabala

Gandusha and Kabala both deal with diseases pertaining to the nose, ears, throat, paranasal sinuses, gums, oral cavity lining, tongue, eyes, migraines, lesions by cranial nerves, stiffness of neck and shoulder, bad breath, drowsiness, dryness of mouth and loss of appetite.

These are the indications for which Gandusha and Kabala can be highly beneficial as they remove the toxins from the body by pulling them out from the oral cavity. Benefits of Gandusha are:

1. Improves facial feature

Gandusha tones and improves the skin, helps remove fine lines and wrinkles, and makes skin youthful again.

2. Cleanses air and throat passage

It removes toxins from the nasal and throat passages and keeps them clean and infection-free.

3. Cleaning the teeth and gums

It gives excellent oral health by cleaning gums, teeth, tongue, and oral cavity and removing toxins from the mouth.

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4. Treats Sinuses and Migraines

It can help treat sinusitis and migraines by removing the accumulation of excess water and synovial fluid in the head.

5. Overall Healthcare

It can pull out toxins from the stomach when done regularly and helps purify the senses and keeps you healthy overall.

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