Infertility in Men and Psychological Issues 

From the early years, men are being taught to hold emotions. That’s why they hardly whisper about what they feel and how they want things to be. Infertility is a sensitive issue that can make the victim silent for a long time. 

When a man comes to know about infertility, it can hit him and leave negative effects on mental health. It makes the victim think that he is missing out on a blessing. Men often don’t say about what they are suffering from, but their reactions often come out as anger.

Mental health is a serious issue because it can affect our quality of life and relationship. We have come with some major mental health issues that result in infertility. According to one of the best andrologists in Karachi, discussion with a partner can relieve mental stress, and increase the chances to reduce depression. 

Mental Health Issues

Guilt When men come to know that they can’t be a father the common response is guilt. Being a victim of infertility, you can feel yourself a barrier to your partner’s dreams. Men do not share their feelings with anyone, and it can impact their mental health or ruin the relationship. 

Failure It is a consideration that the family line continues with the son. Most men are very sensitive to continuing the genetic line. Infertility leaves them in darkness, and it makes them feel a major failure of life. 

Effects of Masculinity infertility raise the question of masculinity. Men feel miserable and such effects do not allow them to socialize with the local community. It causes mental health issues, which also can cause physical health problems. People also deal with victims in the worst way and show their sympathy that also triggers victims to feel guilty about their inability. 

Sexual Adequacy Partners are more depressed who have long-term infertility issues and have had many treatments to cure this problem. Such couples are less satisfied and do not join dinners or gatherings to avoid the questions. 

Other Factors That Can Affect Mental Health

Infertility Treatment 

An andrologist prescribes the medicine to treat the infertility issue. Some medicines are used for its treatment, but it causes the side effects and affects sleep quality, mood swings, or irritability. 

Costs of Infertility Treatment 

Many patients do not have insurance policies, and they have to pay a significant amount of money for treatment. Such expenses also affect the mental health of men and leave them in depression. 

How to Help Your Partner 

Tell Your Partner You Are By His Side 

Being a wife, it is your responsibility to help your partner. Make them feel good, and tell them that you are here. It will let the victim open up about the emotional stress and share how he feels. 

Don’t Point

Placing blame on your partner is not a solution but brings more serious issues. Giving him your support will empower him to get help at the right time. It will eliminate the hopelessness from life and makes him think that everything is possible. 

Don’t pressurize 

Infertility is one of the most sensitive issues that can be cured with the proper treatment. But pressure can ruin things. A victim can start consuming other supplements or can try home remedies to cure infertility which can make the infertility issue irreversible. 

Consult with an Andrologist 

We understand that it’s not an easy task to say that you have an infertility issue. Sharing with your family and friends can be scary, but it also can bring good news to your life. 

Men must visit an andrologist if they feel any symptoms. A specialist will suggest you follow up on some successful treatments. After several failures, many couples adopt the kids or go under the other treatments. 

Final Thoughts

Learning to deal with infertility is crucial as it can be cured or can bring some light to your life. I remember how a man visited kutiyana memon hospital for treatment, where he wasn’t able to share about his disease.

We all should know how infertility can leave negative impacts on men’s mental health. Victims’ partners should be understanding because hopelessness can destroy the relationship. 

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