Indoor Plants: The Health Benefits

People have surrounded themselves with plants almost since time began and in a modern, high-tech world, adorning your home with select indoor plants offers many health benefits. We all need to be close to nature and aside from the health benefits that house plants offer, adding shades of green adds depth to the décor.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can receive by bringing some nature into your home.

  • Improve the air quality – NASA has studied the ability of certain plants to improve the air quality, indeed, they recommend 15-20 house plants for a living space of 1,800 square foot. Plants actually release water vapour into the atmosphere, which helps to add humidity that central heating takes away. Plants create oxygen, while removing carbon dioxide, which occurs during photosynthesis and this helps to eliminate toxins in the atmosphere
  • Elevate your mood – The sight of attractive plants around the home uplifts most people, especially after a long day at the office. If you search online for plant-based products for the body and mind, you will find a diverse range of plants at very affordable prices. The supplier would have a lot of valuable information on their website, to ensure that you make an informed decision regarding the species you choose.
  • Indoor gardening reduces stress – Caring for your indoor plants has a very therapeutic effect and most people find it reduces stress and anxiety. Spending a few minutes at the end of the day watering and cleaning your plants can be a relaxing activity; being close to nature tends to bring on a calming effect. This is a part of many people’s daily activities and some actually talk to their plants, playing classical music, which soothes both plants and humans. People who live alone find some comfort in caring for their indoor plants, which can make for an interesting hobby. If you have a glass conservatory, you can read up of various plant species and introduce some greenery to the environment. On the topic of good health, here are a few reasons why we should all switch to aluminium drinking bottles.
  • Plants can boost your productivity – This is why most offices have indoor plants and there’s nothing wrong with being productive at home. This might be due to a better mood, or it might be that the improved air quality gives you more focus and concentration. If you work from home, put a few plants in your office and you might find your work rate increases.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the health benefits of house plants and if you live in the UK, here is some government information about air pollution, which we should all try to understand.

From an interior design point of view, indoor plants offer amazing accessory options, with many shades of green and brown that can add some depth and contrast to any room. When ready to order, rather than visiting a local nursery, you can simply use Google to locate a reputable indoor plant supplier, one that understand the links between plant life and good health.

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