IELTS Online Coaching – The Need of the Hour

Offline or Online? The ever-going debate. What to choose? And how to Choose? These questions are always on our mind, isn’t it? Every student wants to find the best coaching option for themselves, so why not you help yourself.

Online Coaching is in boom! It is the necessity of the new world. Particularly, IELTS Online Coaching has taken this necessity a step further. IELTS Online Coaching has cumulated all the necessary material with easy-to-understand training methods to enhance the online learning experience.

Let us simplify this with few key statistics of Online Coaching and its benefits. Here we go!

Key Statistics
90% of the students voted for Online Coaching over Offline Coaching in a recent survey
23% of the students said they would prefer to pay extra for Online Live Coaching
Expected growth of users will increase from 1.57 Million users to 9.5 Million users in 2021
The expected annual growth rate in the number of users for Online Coaching is 44% in India
Test Preparation Coaching Classes grew from 43 Million USD in 2011 to 196 Million USD in 2016
Online Education is expected to grow from 25 Billion USD in 2016 to 196 Billion USD in 2021

Benefits of IELTS Online Coaching

With the entire world taking a new turn; grocery shopping going online and medicines deliveries shifting to virtual shopping, the education industry has also taken a bold step to go online. And must I say, it paid off really well! Why? Because the world has become busy, people have got a lot of work to do and lesser time to complete along with the fears of Covid-19. With all this going on, there is hardly any time left to go out of the house and study. Online Education has come as a luxury to everyone who wants to learn. IELTS Online Coaching is one such achievement of the online coaching industry.

1. Flexibility in Batch Timings

Unlike Classroom training, where the days and time are set, IELTS online coaching gives the advantage that students can choose the timings of their choice. There are multiple batch options and you can select the batch at your convenience.

“Ninety percent of the students surveyed said they would prefer online modes of learning for exam preparation than offline coaching classes.” Mentioned by a survey conducted by Gradeup – An education platform.

2. Save Time and Money

Save Money. From all the prospects. An individual can learn from their home or any comfort zone. Thus, they can save immense time from traveling distances for getting training and visiting coaching classes. IELTS Online Coaching is about both theory and practical, thus, a student can easily understand the concepts through virtual training and simultaneously do the practical work on the other end. Also, the online IELTS exam preparation is generally affordably priced so that candidates don’t find it heavy in their pockets.

“The foremost reasons for this are the convenience of preparing from home and access to live classes where the latter tops affordability by 8 percent,” mentioned in the survey conducted by Gradeup

3. Practice Material

There is a wrong rumor that keeps circulating the streets (in this case, online platforms). That IELTS Online Coaching does not provide much material, unlike classroom training that gives better and more practice material. And there is no in-person focus. This is not true! Irrespective of the mode of education, IELTS is about theory and practical. No tutor can complete the training without providing practice material. And as online coaching is a new concept, the tutors put in extra effort in divulging the right education. This includes providing more or (at the least) equivalent practice material as well and the Q & A sessions.

4. Recorded Classes

Missed a class? Though offline classes offer a brief of what you missed, but you can’t repeat the entire class (or classes); it is just a brief. While as, online coaching gives the entire recordings of the classes you missed. This way, you don’t have to do self-study or assume what to prepare, you know exactly what was taught in the previous classes.

5. Effective Learning Model

During IELTS Online Coaching, the tutors go to great lengths to provide the best and most effective learning model. Why so? Because they understand this is a virtual platform, the delivery method should be clear, effective, and easy to understand. Thus, they put in efforts to create course schedules that are straightforward and easily accessible.

Key Characteristics of IELTS Online Coaching

  • Affordable Fees and Pocket-friendly classes
  • Get Recorded Versions so you can review missed classes
  • Learn from the expert tutors, well-trained and qualified in IELTS
  • Well-curated course for easy understanding of each module
  • Abundant practice material for practicing after-class as well
  • Small batches to give personalized attention to each student (Recommended)


We always hesitate to change our daily routine. Be it a new route to the office or trying a new brand. But, once we try it, we start getting used to it. The same goes for Online Coaching, you need to give it a try. To put it this way, when young kids can learn subjects like Mathematics and Science through online coaching; then adults and grownups can easily prepare for the Language test through Online Coaching.

And as IELTS Online Coaching is specifically for students pursuing higher education and immigration, this is one of the best modes of education. All you need to do is give it a try. Also, you can Download the IELTS Mobile App by IELTS Tutorials, it will give you an in-depth knowledge of the course, format, and, access to unlimited practice materials.

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