How to Win a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Wrongful death is often caused by the negligence and carelessness of another party. This is very devastating, especially if the person killed was a breadwinner of their family. If the death could be avoided, you can consider filing a wrongful death claim to try to seek justice and compensation for the death. Hiring  Sherrod & Bernard, P.C. law firm can help you with the whole process and ensure you get the proper compensation. This article will explore how to win a wrongful death lawsuit.

Establish the Four Elements 

To win and establish a strong case of wrongful death, you need an attorney to help you select the essential elements required. This is why it’s vital to research for an excellent attorney to represent and guide you through this. Below are the aspects you need to prove to be considered for compensation.

Duty of Care

To establish a case, you need to prove that the defendant owed your loved one a duty of care. A duty of care is required of anybody and in any profession. This helps to ensure you can keep your surroundings safe and you do not harm the people around you. If your loved one is hit by a car, the driver has a duty of care to ensure they follow the necessary traffic guidelines. Also, a doctor owns patients’ duty of care and is supposed to ensure they administer the correct medication, failing to which they are held accountable in case of death. For your chance to be intense, look for the necessary proof to establish your claim.

Breach of Duty of Care

After establishing that the defendant had a duty of care, it’s time to prove how they breached. You might have to correct evidence from the crime scene and gather reports from the eyewitnesses to do this. Establishing a medical misdiagnosis, you need to look for the doctor’s information and maybe do a postmortem. A doctor may have requested the wrong test, misinterpreted the result, or given the wrong medication.


The attorney will help you prove that the defendant’s breach of duty of care led to their wrongful death. They will help you interpret the law and the necessary clauses that will help prove and demonstrate how the defendant’s actions were a breach of care. For example, if your relative’s death is due to a car accident, the attorney will demonstrate how the driver’s actions were unsafe.


This is the final element of establishing a case. The attorney will demonstrate how the death of your loved one directly affects you and illustrate the damages and suffering that you might have undergone, such as bill coverage. You can also receive a recovery award and a clearance of the medical bills.

How an Attorney Builds a Case

The attorney for the wrongful death lawsuit needs to establish a solid case to ensure that you have been compensated. To achieve this, they need to interview you and other family members to gather all the necessary information about the circumstances of your loved one’s death. They will review all the reports and investigation reports. After affirming that the four elements are met, they can file a case.


The above criteria will help you win a case of wrongful death. Take time to gather evidence and share all the information with your attorney for a faster decision.

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