How To Stream Spotify On Mac

In the past couple of years, Spotify has dominated the streaming market and for very good reason. With its extensive music catalog, seamless user interface and unique personalization, it is arguably the best music streaming platform in the world. Through this platform you can stream music through your mac and even onto an external device or speakers using a usb c hub dual hdmi, for example. And with that comes a few different ways by which you can access Spotify on your MacBook. You can either download the native desktop application or simply access Spotify through your online browser.

So, we decided to quickly put together a short article on how you can best utilize the web player, as well as dive into which interface is better for your Spotify listening experience on Mac.

Spotify Web Player

In some cases, downloading an application can feel like a tedious process. Moreover, in some cases you may not have the extra storage space on your Mac to spare. It is for this reason that utilizing Spotify’s online web player is the perfect solution as it offers up the same amount of functionality and features that the app itself does. Users are able to access the entirety of Spotify’s catalog, edit their own playlists and libraries, browse through an endless list of artists, songs, albums etc.

However, users have to keep in mind that the web player will not function properly if they do not have a stable internet connection. As a result, it is best to make sure that your WiFi is connected and responsive. You can then access Spotify through this link; On that page you should be able to login to your Spotify account and use the streaming platform as you wish. The website is also fully supportive of most web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. In fact, ever since the launch of the new macOS system Big Sur, Safari has received numerous performance and feature upgrades, which should make it the popular browsing choice, even for Spotify listeners.

Spotify App or Web Player?

This is a varying debate because it largely depends on your own personal preferences and convenience. However, for those who would still lie to know which is better, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages on both ends.

Spotify Web Player


  • Convenience – The benefit of using the web player is that you can access it anywhere and at any time. Unlike if you were using the application itself, you can easily open your browser from anywhere, be it Mac or even Windows and login to start streaming your favorite music.
  • Storage Space – Another benefit of the web player is that you do not have to waste a considerable amount of space in your Mac downloading the app. 
  • No Ads Since you are using your usual web browser, if you have an adblocker extension active, it will essentially bloc any ads that many free Spotify users have to put up with.


  • Lower bitrate: The web player comes with a lower music bitrate. It is 128kbps on the free membership and 256kbps on premium. However, the application itself provides 160kbps for free users and 320kbps for premium users.

Spotify Mac App


  • Offline: A major benefit of using the application over the web player is the fact that users are still able to listen to music even when they are offline. This means users can conveniently save their libraries and playlists without needing to always stay online.
  • Loading Time: Since the app comes with a higher bitrate for users, the loading times are much quicker. However, it’s not that big of an advantage, as most listeners can barely even tell the difference anyway.
  • Better Updates: Whenever Spotify releases new features and functionalities, the application always get the new development upgrades first, so app users are more likely to enjoy the benefits much earlier.
  • Seamless Integration: Since the Spotify app is downloadable from the Mac app store, and since Apple released the new macOS Big Sur software upgrade, it provides an easy-to-use interface with your MacBook, as you can control the music player from your Control Center.


  • It’s Limited: The main issue with the Mac app is the fact that it isn’t portable. So, if you move around a lot then, in terms of versatility, the web player is the better option for you. On a side note, if you are one of those users who carries their MacBook everywhere, then make sure you have protected it with a macbook leather sleeve.


In summary, if we were to suggest what option to choose from, between the web player and application, then we would suggest using both.

Because while they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, they both allow you to seamlessly sync your music library on both platforms as long as you have a Spotify account anyway. Plus, having both allows you to access Spotify both online and offline. Additionally, in cases where the app is draining your battery life too much, you can easily switch to the web player instead. As you can see, having access to both tools will prove very convenient, regardless of what your personal preferences may be.

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