How to start exercising after your holidays

Holidays are great for relaxing and unwinding but they often mean eating more, sleeping less and a disrupted exercise schedule. It’s not uncommon to return from a holiday weighing more and with less motivation. That’s why it’s really important to get back on track as soon as possible.

It can be difficult to pull yourself off the sofa after some time off and get the exercise that your body needs. Rewards are a great way of motivating yourself. Treat yourself to something that you can use next time you exercise, a new pair of trainers or some fancy gym clothing perhaps? Tip: Use an Adidas discount code to make that reward even sweeter.

Rewards aren’t the only way to jumpstart your exercise schedule and continue with your healthy lifestyle. These helpful tips are designed to help you get exercising again and achieve more than you have done before.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all feel guilty after a holiday. A ‘cheat week’ might seem like the worst outcome when you return but it’s important to understand that you are allowed to take time away from exercise. Don’t be too hard on yourself and feel the need to burn off that holiday diet with hours of cardio.

Fitness isn’t a straightforward journey. It comes with its ups & downs. The positive impact a holiday can have mentally will far outweigh the progress you have lost from not exercising. See it as an opportunity to refresh your mind as well as your body and go again.

Ease Back In

There is no hiding that the body won’t be able to perform to the same level if you suddenly stop exercising for a week. When returning to exercise, don’t push yourself too hard. Ease back into your routine, drop the weight slightly or slow the pace down a little. This way you help prevent injury and allow your body to adjust once more.

As each session goes by you can start increasing the intensity and get back to where you once were. See it as a springboard to take you to the next step rather than a week of guilt holding you back.

Set Yourself a Plan

Planning is the key to achieving any long-term goal. Breaking a long-term goal into smaller bitesize chunks makes it easier to manage and track. Thinking ahead can help reduce the negative effects of a holiday and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Using your calendar app on your phone. Schedule when you are going to exercise after you get back. Do this before you go away so you have no excuse. To add extra motivation make yourself accountable by asking a friend to come along with you. You are more likely to go if you know they are expecting to see you there.

Drink More Water

Chances are if you have neglected your exercise plan on holiday your diet will have gone out the window too. Water could be the lifeline you need to get your body prepared for exercise again.

Drinking more water flushes excess sodium from the body helps with de-bloating and gets things moving in your digestive system.  As an added benefit it will also prepare the body for an increase in fluid loss when you do start exercising.

So there you have it – it’s not so hard afterall. As long as you take it slow, go easy on yourself and follow our other top tips for getting back into exercise after your holidays, you’ll be back at it in no time!

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