How massage makes you healthier?

If you regularly undergo a massage, then you know how relaxing it can be. You let go of all stress and experience a complete sense of well-being. But massage does much more than just make you feel good; massage makes you healthier! Recent scientific research uniquely shows that massage provides both psychological and physical health benefits.

Scientifically proven; massage makes you healthier

Everyone actually knew, but something is only believed to be true when it has been scientifically proven. Something can only be scientifically proven if it is measurable. How can you make the beneficial feeling that arises from a massage measurable? This was a question that occupied scientists for a long time. Now they have managed to explain both the psychological and physical health benefits of massages.

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Groundbreaking research into the effects of massage

The scientists took blood samples before and after the massages. The test results were abundantly clear; there were significant positive changes in blood composition.

Benefits of a light massage

The massages consisting of lighter touches had a number of different effects on the body. The oxytocin level increased. It makes you more resistant to stress and allows the body to relax faster. Another finding was that this form of massage decreases the corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), a hormone that stimulates the production of cortisol. So it ensures that stress decreases. In summary, the effects of light touch massages are to create a sense of security and connection and to reduce stress.

Massage increases your awareness

Massage makes you more aware of your body and your feelings. Emotional blockages that have become lodged in your body can soften and come loose. It also helps you to be less “in your head” and more in your body. You become more aware of your body sensations and you are better in the here and now. You could say that shiatsu massage can be seen as mindfulness or as a form of meditation.

Massage has a healing effect

You may have been touched insufficiently or with too little respect in your past. Or you have become very insecure, for example, because you were bullied. Massage gives you the opportunity to strengthen your self-confidence and to make up for a shortage of pleasant and respectful contact. Massage can also provide you with support when you are in a therapeutic process.

Massage helps with psychosomatic complaints

If you suffer from physical complaints arising from the psyche, these are referred to as psychosomatic or psychophysiological complaints. If you suspect that physical complaints have an emotional or psychological cause, a relaxing massage can support you and provide insight.

Massage makes you healthier!

Thanks to massages, you get sick less quickly because of the positive effects on the immune system, and physical illnesses caused by stress are also less likely. Furthermore, psychological complaints such as anxiety and stress also decrease or are prevented. The results of the scientific research are very clear; massage is an effective way to promote both psychological and physical health.

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