How many calories do you burn sleeping?

When we talk about sleep and weight loss, most people want to know specifics. So just how many calories do you burn sleeping? Experts put the figure at about fifty calories an hour, though this can vary depending on their personal basal metabolic rate. Learning how to prioritize your sleep can have a positive impact on many different areas of your wellbeing.

Here’s everything you need to know about sleep and weight loss, and how to take advantage of your memory foam or hybrid mattress so that you’re burning calories while resting:

Calculating your basal metabolic rate

If you want to work out how much weight you’re going to lose during your night’s sleep, you can work this out using a slightly complicated formula. Your basal metabolic rate calculates the number of calories you require to keep your body functioning even as it’s resting.

The formula for basal metabolic rates takes into account a person’s sex, weight, as well as their age.

For women, this formula is as follows-

BMR = 665.1+ (4.34 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.68 x age in years)

For men, the formula is as follows-

BMR = 66.47 + (6.24 x weight in pounds) + (12.71 x height in inches) – (6.78 x age in years)

This is going to give you a better overview of how sleep and weight loss and related for your specific body type.

What are the average amount of calories burned in sleep?

Not a numbers person? Don’t worry. Here’s a table containing some average calories burned depending on your age and gender:

Age Gender Weight Calories Burned
30 Female 110 406
30 Male 180 601
40 Female 130 424
40 Male 200 619
50 Female 110 376
50 Male 180 558


When it comes to sleep and weight loss, you’re going to notice it becomes much harder to lose weight as you grow older. If you weigh naturally more, the number of calories you burn while sleeping will grow exponentially.

Can I increase how many calories I burn while sleeping?

Are you wondering how to increase the number of calories you burn in a night? Here are a few ways you can do this naturally:

  • Get more REM sleep: Getting more REM sleep can actually help encourage a healthy night of sleep. This phase of sleep is actually when your brain is the most active and is also the period your body is burning most of its calories.

When you’re trying to increase your REM sleep cycle, it’s important you optimize your bedroom for your best shot at a good night’s sleep. You might do this by investing in the best possible hybrid mattress for your sleep, as well as optimizing your bedroom furniture for the most amount of comfort.

Once you’re able to get cozy enough for good sleep, you’ll find you’re able to engage in longer periods of REM rest, which will help lead to more calories being burned in your sleep.

  • Keep your bedroom cool: Another surprising calorie burner is leaving your room cool. Keeping a cold bedroom encourages you to cycle through your different stages of sleep, which is going to heighten the chance of you burning more calories.

The ideal temperature for someone trying to get to sleep sits at around sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. While this might vary a couple of degrees depending on the person it is by and large a good barometer with which to measure your room temperature.

  • Consistent Exercise: For your basal metabolic rate to improve, exercising on a consistent basis can help. Not only does exercise help you with sleep and weight loss, but it can be a great way to naturally burn calories even when you’re in rest mode.

Once you’ve come to an understanding about what needs to be done, putting together a workout routine and executing your sleep and fitness plans is all you need to ensure you’re able to get the rest you require.

From sleeping in a colder room, to understanding how you’re going to get better rest, these are the ways in which you’re going to be able to achieve a better sense of rest.

Why getting a good night’s sleep is so important

Getting a good night’s sleep is important in more ways than just helping you burn more calories. A good night’s sleep can help keep you less hungry, thereby helping you maintain your fitness goals. When you’re putting yourself through sleep deprivation, you’re going to find a spike in the production of the hormone ghrelin, which can encourage overeating and binge eating habits.

Sleep and weight loss aren’t the only two pillars of well-being that are connected. Sleep is also connected with focus, energy, and even mood. In order to feel more balanced, and get closer to a sense of equilibrium, you’re going to want to prioritize a good night’s sleep.

Investing in the best affordable mattress  for a good night’s sleep is important. A hybrid mattress is a perfect choice for better sleep. Many sleepers choose hybrid mattresses because of their versatility. Not only do hybrid mattresses provide the perfect balance between support and structure, but they’re also durable enough to be a great investment.

So how do you choose the best hybrid mattress for your sleep? Targeting hybrid mattresses that are made for your unique sleep concern is one way to guarantee that you’re going to be resting better because of it. Though you shouldn’t rely on sleep and weight loss to be the only strategy you use to get fit, keeping this part of your life well organized is going to benefit you in dividends.

If you’ve ever wondered how many calories you burn sleeping, try out the formula yourself to see. Whether it’s by investing in a hybrid mattress that keeps you comfy all night, or simply setting the temperature of your room a couple of degrees cooler, it’s going to be simpler to see how the relationship between sleep and weight loss really works.

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