How do you reset the Dyson V8 battery?

Disconnecting your charger from the wall is the first step in resetting your Dyson’s battery. Afterward, reconnect the power cable and connect the Dyson vacuum cleaner. For around 20 seconds, hold down the button. Try a new battery if the Dyson is still not working properly.

Dyson is among the most popular brands of vacuum cleaners on the market. They provide trendy and high-quality products that may be tailored to meet your specific needs. They provide a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, so you may choose the one that gives you the most value for your money, time, and effort.

Your Dyson V8 vacuum may be underperforming because of the low battery capacity. You may reset the Dyson vacuum V8 by following the steps given in this article. ‘

How do you reset a Dyson V8 battery?

Step N0. 1

Look at the Dyson V8 vacuum’s LED indicator. When your vacuum’s blue light starts flashing, it’s time to recharge the battery.

Step No. 2

If your vacuum doesn’t even have enough energy, you may charge it by connecting it to a charging wire or a docking station. The gadget will need around five hours to be completely charged.

Step No 3

It is possible that the charger is malfunctioning if the device does not properly charge and the red and blue lights flash at the same time. Check to see if it is completely connected to your power outlet as a consequence of this.

Step No. 4

This means that the vacuum doesn’t really change if the red light on the vacuum shows that it does not charge. Changing the battery in the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner is an option if the current one does not charge properly.

Reset The Brush Bar

The brush bar on your upright vacuum can be causing problems for you. Brush bars, like any other cleaning equipment, may get blocked with dirt and hair from the floors they sweep up. That’s why maintaining the bar on a consistent basis is essential for its long-term performance.

Disconnecting the vacuum from the power outlet is the 1st step in resetting your brush bar. It is advised not to do any maintenance on the machine’s components while it is connected. To reach the vacuum’s bottom, turn it over so that you can get to the screws that hold it together. The brush roll may be accessed by removing the cover from the head and unscrewing the screws.

This isn’t a problem for models with movable heads since the cover isn’t required. After removing the brush’s fasteners, you’ll have instant access to them.

Brush roll spin ability will now be tested as part of this round of testing. You can tell whether a brush is clogged when you can’t move it with your hands or spin it. Unclog it by removing it and cleaning away any dirt and hair that has become stuck in it. If you want to get the brush to spin smoothly again, you’ll need to give it a good cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

We talk about the FAQs related to resetting a Dyson v8 battery. These are the following:

1. Dyson vacuums don’t come with a reset button.

In the absence of a reset button, there are a few things you may do with Dyson vacuums to get them back up and running smoothly. If you want to find the root of the problem, you’ll almost always have to disassemble the vacuum first. If your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops operating for no obvious reason, unplug it immediately.

2. Can you tell me why my Dyson v8 won’t recharge?

Using this approach, it was as good as new! Unplug your chargers from the electrical socket. Let’s try it again. Attach your Dyson and hit the on button (trigger) for around 20 seconds. After doing this, my Dyson was back to full power.

3. In what way is it possible for my Dyson to lose its ability to charge?

Damaged batteries are the most probable culprits when your Dyson won’t turn on after being charged. Batteries may lose their charge over time, thus they must be changed when this happens. The battery replacement page provides instructions on how to change a battery after you have bought one.


So, although Dyson vacuums don’t have a reset button, there are a number of things you can do to get your vacuum back to its maximum power and performance. The following are some ideas. We hope that you’ve already figured out how to reset each Dyson vacuum cleaner with the help of the instructions above. As a consequence of your efforts, the Dyson vacuum will run at maximum efficiency.

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