They are massive vehicles that have an extendable boom. These trucks are generally used to lift the workers to higher roofs like electrical poles or taller buildings. These trucks are also called aerial boom trucks.

These are found commonly on roads in North America. People can rent these trucks at any boom truck rentals. These vehicles can lift 350 pounds to 1500 pounds (158.76kg- 680.39kg). They can extend the boom up to 34 feet up in the air.

These trucks have a telescopic rotating boom crane mounted on the chassis of the truck. This makes it easier to transport the equipment lifted to the worksite, thus creating maximum utilisation of the trucks.

For some of these trucks, a crane is attached to the rear, which used to lift the heavy equipment onto the truck’s bed. These cranes are compact and short. The crane of these trucks can lift 10 tons- 50 tons approx.

Mostly the fire departments use these lengthy bucket trucks with booms to lift the firefighters to the upper floors of the buildings. It helps the firefighters to put down the flames or to rescue the victims trapped inside. These trucks are a replacement for hook and ladder trucks.

There are huge trucks in the same category that are used at large manufacturing units or warehouses. The mini trucks in the same class are used to raise the workers to different levels in the air. These are convenient and safe when compared to trucks with ladder extensions.


Crane type: A craneat crane is placed on the truck. It is set with rubber tires. So this makes it easier for the truck crane to move around in the streets quickly. And there will be no need for a trailer when driven to the worksite.

Bucket type: These types of trucks are also called cherry picker trucks. It comes with an extendable boom mounted to the roof or the bed. The user will add the bucket at the edge of the arm of the boom, which helps in breaking materials or digging.

Hydraulic type: It is similar to a truck crane but comes with a hydraulic jack at every corner of the chassis. It is a heavy-duty truck, so it hauls the bucket using hydraulics. This truck also comes with racks or an area to store tools and other supplies used by the workers as a quick shop.

BOOM LIFT TYPE: the lift trucks also come with attachments that include a boom that turns into a mobile crane from a lift truck.


  1. Saving the money: It is challenging to buy a truck and maintain it; this will also affect the bank credits and business if there is a loss. So the best way to keep the money circulation is to rent the truck and keep the truck busy all the time. If there are no jobs to keep these trucks alive, then buying a truck goes in vain. Purchasing a truck comes with many responsibilities and other maintenance costs. It includes licensing cost, insurance, fuel cost etc., so instead, when the trucks are rented, one does not have to worry about maintaining them. Buyers can utilise the money saved from buying the truck in other areas of work.
  2. Avoid stress: it takes a lot of pressure to ensure if the truck is working optimally. The owner of the truck has to take the burden of breakdowns, testing and depreciation. Maintaining a single truck is daunting; maintaining a fleet of trucks is left up to the customers’ imagination. So an effective solution is to rent the truck; the renting agency bears the entire responsibility.
  3. Flexibility: Renting gives the business greater flexibility. If the person owns this colossal truck, then he has to keep attending the truck regularly. Instead, he can not concentrate more on the business. More attention is given to the truck because it is not a disposable asset. But when the trucks are rented at boom truck rental, you don’t have to worry about them. Even if the business is falling, one can stop renting the trucks until he settles down with the business tensions.
  4. Handling multiple jobs: Buying a single crane is not of much help. A single crane can not work at various places. So there is a waste of time while waiting for the crane to complete the work and move to another location. This is not the case in renting. One can rent any number of trucks at any time and a lower cost.

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