Five Little Tricks to Achieve the Best in Chaff Cutter for Sale in Nairobi

Chaff Cutter Saves You Time and Effort to Perform Your Work. They Are Essential Tools to Those Who Rear Cattles. The Equipment Has Evolved the Technology from Traditional to Modern. It Has Generated Revenue for Individuals and Agriculture Firms. Through the Use of Equipment Farming has Become Adorable to Most People. Buying the Device Today Secures Your Future.

This article focuses on the benefits of Chaff Cutter for sale in Nairobi.

Chaff Cutter Machine

The chaff Cutter machine is an advanced device that cuts hay into small pieces. The hay is then mixed with forage to become nutritious food for the animals. The machines come in different prices, types, and make.They are mainly manufactured in India and have a huge market in Nairobi.

How to Choose A Good Chaff Cutter

Purchasing a good chaff cutter motivates you to work hard and earn high yields. Below are things to look at in a Chaff Cutter.

  • Learn about the brand and choose according to your requirements.
  • Investigate if the provider is legit to have a high-standard machine.
  • Consider the number of blades and rollers. The price varies differently. A machine with three rollers and three blades costs around ksh35,000. A Chaff Cutter with two blades and two rollers costs ksh 38,000.
  • When purchasing the device online take the necessary precautions.
  • Always check if the machine has a warrant.

Components of a Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutters for sale in Nairobi are made of different parts. These parts work together to produce effectively. Below are the parts of the machine.

A hopper – it’s the trough where the grass is fed. It pushes the material to the feed roller.

Blades – they are made of steel and assist to cut the fodder into small pieces.

A shaft – is a rotating part that passes the power from one shaft to the other.

Feed roller – it feeds the fodder to the cutting blades from the hopper. It cut the fodder into small pieces.

Supporting Frame – it holds the whole machine’s assembly.

Types of Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutters are available in different types. You choose according to the number of livestock. Below are the different types.

Automatic Chaff Cutter. They are the most used machines in the market. Their engines operate with diesel or petrol.

Manual Operated Chaff Cutter. They are ideal for small-scale farmers. They are made with cast iron which makes them long-lasting.

Tractor Operated Chaff Cutter. They use diesel hence best for places without power. They cut green and dry grass.

Electric Chaff Cutter. They operate with a motor. The devices are ideal for large production.

Blower-type Chaff Cutter. They are best for cutting maize stalks. They have a capacity of 400kg per hour to 600kg per hour.

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Benefits of Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutter has various benefits that make them widely used. Below are the benefits.

  1. They reduce fodder wastage and make it easy for animals to digest.
  2. They are portable which makes them reliable.
  3. They are energy efficient.
  4. They perform different functions.
  5. Their working performance is excellent.


Chaff Cutter is trendy in the market. It provides a cutting solution for you. Animals feed and grow well from the materials they cut. If you want strong and healthy animals, a chaff cutter is recommended for you. For more information, visit

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