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Sometimes, even something like kitchen linens can stress someone out. In the day and age we live in, we have a flood of information constantly grabbing our attention.  Sometimes the sheer enormity of options can overwhelm someone and make a pleasant task stressful. Well, let’s bring the joy back to buying dishtowels. Here are some tips for finding the right design, material, and amount of dishtowels for your kitchen.

The Material

You want your dishtowels to be serviceable. You want to buy a dishtowel that will meet your needs, whether that is drying the dishes, cleaning up spills, or wiping the countertops. Generally, dishtowels are made from cotton, linen, or a combination of the two. These materials are absorbent and great for cleaning up messes. Linen is generally more durable and lasts longer than cotton. So, don’t buy the towels just because they are pretty or cheap. Look to make sure that they will get the job done.

Some households have different dishtowels for different uses. They provide a heavy-duty dishtowel for demanding jobs and thinner towels for regular wear and tear. This could be your strategy. Regardless of the type of towel, make sure that it will not leave lint streaks or shed its fibers. Nothing is more annoying than a dishtowel that makes a mess.

The Design

A kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing, and a large part of that aesthetic is in the linens. Heaven forbid clashing dishtowels or a table cloth that doesn’t match the paint! While it may not be the end of the world, but you don’t want colors clashing in your kitchen. Therefore, one of the first things you should consider is whether or not your dishtowels will be visible or not. Some individuals design their kitchen with dishtowels in a visual space. If that is your desire, then you will want to not only find a dishtowel that will get the job done, you will also want to find a usable dishtowel that matches your kitchen.

Many aesthetically pleasing dishtowels are very durable and suitable to use. Dishtowels do not need to be too fancy. A clean striped design or a matching color often provides a clean look combined with a usable towel. However, some towels may be busier or more flamboyant. If that is your style, then go for it. The most important aspect is if you are not going to hide the dishtowels in a drawer, make sure to find a towel that suits your style and matches your kitchen.

How Many?

Finally, it is essential to ask, how many dishtowels is enough? This mystery has been considered for generations, and there may not be one correct answer. The most important thing to consider is whether you ever need a dishtowel and don’t have one. You may not need to go overboard, but having a healthy number of dishtowels can help you avoid some messy situations.

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