Fantasy cricket 

Cricket is not just a game but it is a feel. As an Indian we bleed cricket. From toddlers to elderly people we all are fascinated by cricket in one way or another. Cricket might not be our national game but it surely is the most loved game in our country. Every child must have dreamed to be a cricketer and play in Indian cricket team , at least once in life. During Sunday’s every street turns into pitch and players become Virat Kohli, Surya Kumar Yadav,  MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar etc.  Hence , as Indians we love cricket as much as we love spices. With time , cricket too has evolved. Nowadays , cricket is not for entertainment purpose  but also to earn money. You all must have heard about online betting or fantasy cricket during this IPL. Although the IPL was suspended due to the ongoing pandemic yet we got the pleasure of watching half of the season. 

The Internet has also affected cricket too. Back in time , we could only watch cricket on television and that too on a specific channel. But today we can watch cricket on mobile , laptop etc.  The Internet has also given us the opportunity to have insight information about the performance and other info too. 

What is Fantasy cricket ? 

Well , fantasy cricket is a game developed for entertainment purposes which is played on the virtual platform. Not all of us. And be cricketers like Ajinkya Rahane and many others  but we surely can apply our cricket knowledge in order to earn money. Fantasy cricket is a virtual platform where the person forms his or her team for the upcoming match and can earn rewards for the good performance of the selected player in a real match. 

How to play Fantasy cricket ? 

Playing fantasy cricket does not require rocket science knowledge. One can use his or her cricket knowledge in order to select the team. 

  • The person can select any member from both the teams. Hence , it’s a win-win contest. There are certain rules like how many batsmen , bowlers or all rounders can be included in the team. 
  • After selecting the team , a person has to appoint the captain from the selected player and lock the team. 
  • The person is rewarded as per the performance of the selected player in the real match. 


As per the performance of each player of your team , you will be rewarded with credits. For example: 5 credits for each catch by your player or 10 points for each six hit by your team members etc. The number of credits differ for every  site or app. 

There is also an option for changing the team after five overs too. Hence , you can drop or add players as per the ongoing form of the players too. There are various sites as well as apps developed for fantasy cricket. 

Pros : 

  • Cash rewards 
  • Safe 
  • Legal 
  • Convenient 

Conclusion : 

Cricket is the most popular game  among Indians.  And each one of us  is an expert. We have  an ample amount of knowledge about cricket. So , why don’t we apply that knowledge in order to earn ? Here is your chance to get rewards for your knowledge. You can make your own team with our knowledge or previous performance of the players and can earn.

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