Expanding executive talent sourcing beyond LinkedIn

Social media platforms are an established core for executive talent sourcing. But LinkedIn is not an inexhaustible supply of skilled candidates. Head-hunters must leverage the power of executive recruitment software to source candidates beyond social media.

Head-hunters must leverage the power of an Applicant Tracking System and a Recruitment CRM to source candidates beyond social media.

Candidate sourcing and social media

In executive search, high-calibre senior executives will always be greatly sought after. And a recruiting solution is to log on to various social media platforms in search of quality candidates. And these platforms can be a repository of candidates. LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Facebook – these sites are some of the most predominantly used platforms.

But experienced head-hunters now understand that relying only on a couple of these sites is not good enough.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the biggest professional business networking sites used in around 200 countries across the world. Then, do head-hunters need executive recruitment software? Shouldn’t they just stick to LinkedIn where they will find all the candidate information they need?

Drawbacks of using only LinkedIn in executive search

Head-hunters want the top talent. Executive search begins with a long list of executive candidates for the client companies. Most of the candidates in the list are extracted from social media, particularly LinkedIn.

But there are some significant drawbacks to relying solely on LinkedIn.

  • Most C-suite executives do not use LinkedIn
  • Data is likely to be out-of-date
  • InMail might not be seen or responded to

C-suite executives have a lot of people that want their attention. So, head-hunters who assume a message on LinkedIn might get them a meeting with a CEO or a CTO might have to keep waiting for a long time.

Also, most of these high-profile executives are busy with work and other responsibilities. They might also have a few different profiles on separate platforms. So, the chances of varied data and incomplete information is very high.

Head-hunters cannot depend exclusively on LinkedIn when it comes to collating data for talent sourcing. Executive recruitment software is their handy candidate sourcing recruiting tool.

Executive recruitment software enhancing talent sourcing

Robust recruitment software is the key to finding better applicants. It is a more challenging task in executive search because of the key positions that have to be filled in client companies.

Strategic positions like Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and more are extremely valuable and strategic for a company’s success. Therefore, head-hunters must expand as well as focus their search for quality executive candidates.

Finding an executive recruitment software that is designed to strengthen and boost candidate sourcing is vital. These recruiting CRM platforms do more than act as platforms to ease admin work or as secure data portals.

Recruitment software for executive search like Talentis, for instance, provides several advantages.

  • It enables researchers in talent acquisition teams to speed their search process.
  • They can also save time by minimising candidate data entry.
  • There’s one simple button that ensures that all the publicly available information about the candidate is accessible with one click.
  • Another advantage is that head-hunters do not have to update their candidate data in the software.
  • The updates are automatically available in the software as they get direct access to the social media profiles via Talentis.

Essentially, executive recruitment software solutions help save a lot of time. Identifying top talents, shorting candidates and cross-checking their data involves a tremendous amount of work. Out of date or incomplete information is an obstruction for head-hunters. Utilizing executive search software will ensure they are using the best tools for smart talent sourcing.

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