Everything You Need to Know About Sanitary Bins

Garbage generally goes into two bins; one bin is the biodegradable waste and, another is the non-biodegradable. These are the majority known bins but, there is one more essential dustbin called sanitary bin. A sanitary bin is a type of bin kept within the toilet area for disposing of female hygiene products. Women get stressed while being away from home while they are menstruating. These sanitary bins in Melbourne are essential to provide a stress-free environment for women and makes the disposal process hassle-free. Some female hygiene products are sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons, etc. An average woman uses about 10,000 to 12,000 menstrual products in her lifetime.

Some women even take a day off during their periods, when there are no ways to dispose of pads at their workplace. The Safework Australia document managing the work environment and facilities state that there should be sanitary waste disposal facilities for female workers. Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and comprises numerous women of the menstruating age. This necessitates the availability of sanitary bins for the proper disposal of female hygiene products. The sanitary bins in Melbourne come in various sizes and shapes. Some have an antibacterial lining in them. They also provide manual or automatic open lids.

Why should one have a sanitary bin in Melbourne?

1. Maintain hygiene

Sanitary pads can spread bloodborne pathogens if not handled separately. Some trash bins are touch-free and avoid any such contamination. There are also antibacterial lining that maintains hygiene throughout the month. A company empties the sanitary bin in Melbourne once a month. Certain companies offer emptying services two times a month upon request.

2. Best experience

When disposal hygiene comes hand in hand with a clean washroom, it defines your company. From restaurants to business places, anything a woman first looks into is a toilet with all facilities. One would never go to a restaurant again if they have had a bad bathroom experience.

3. Avoid plumbing problems

When there is no proper way to dispose of them, the napkins find their place in the water closet and are flushed. They temporarily do not create any problems. But over a long course of time, the pipelines get blocked and create drainage problems. Clearing these pipelines will be a lot of work. Instead, go hassle-free with these sanitary bins.

4. No negative vibes

Sanitary bins provide a stress-free period for women. Not being able to dispose of their pads can create negative stigma and taboos. Women may feel embarrassed in such situations and lose concentration at work.

Choose the perfect sanitary bins for your bathroom space.

1. Manual or automatic

Automatic sanitary bins in Melbourne are popular as they are touch-free. They have a motion sensor that senses movement and opens the lid. Some people prefer manual bins with foot pedals, which are cost-effective and touch-free. Some units have rings to lift the lids to avoid directly touching them.

2. Wall-mounted or standing

There are two options to position these bins. Some prefer wall mounted as it is easier to clean the floor, and they do not want to block their floor space. Some prefer standing as they may knock off the wall-mounted bins.

3. Size

The size depends upon the size of your bathroom. Choose a small one when you already have your floor area or wall space occupied. It also depends on the number of women using the restroom.

4. The service

If you are a person who does not like others handling your trash, you can empty the bin yourself. If you are running a company, it is better to go with the services offered by the company. Most companies offer to do these services once a month. Some companies do it twice upon request.

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