ETM actualized the $4500 target with breakout strategies

Ethersmart is the world’s leading financial investment project now. Since its launch in early 2020 until now, the project has achieved record growth every month, currently being the leader in the financial investment industry on the global Blockchain platform. 

The talented and enthusiastic leadership team has steered the Ethersmart ship through the huge waves of covid-19 and the unpredictable rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market, continuously achieving impressive milestones that astound the entire Defi market. Along with being continuously listed on major exchanges, ETM is increasingly known and supported by millions of global investors. 

One of Ethersmart’s key goals is to bring the ETM to $4500 per token. To actualize this, Ethersmart is gradually applying innovative and breakthrough strategies. 

  • Continuously list on major and reputable information sites such as coinmarketcap, etherscan, myetherwallet, metamask, trustwallet. This increases brand recognition as well as investor confidence in Ethersmart.
  • List on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Increase accessibility and transaction capacity, liquidity for ETM tokens.
  • Burn 34 million ETM tokens, deflate and increase the scarcity of ETM in the market. Increase the benefits of Ethersmart investors, promote the increase in ETM token value.

Next, Ethersmart will launch outstanding features in turn such as:

Ethersmart’s wallet management platform

The Ethersmart Ecosystem is an intuitive management system that includes Ethersmart blockchain applications and other existing devices. Anyone can log in to the Ethersmart Platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies by using ETM. All transactions made by the Ethersmart blockchain are recorded in the blockchain for easy access and tracking.

Connect your wallet to the Ethersmart exchange

Ethersmart’s purpose is to build a diverse and comprehensive blockchain ecosystem. With Ethersmart, we now have an effective costing method to achieve this goal. Each application is connected to the blockchain by using API based on the Ethersmart platform through two layers: the communication layer to make ‘buy requests’ and the blockchain layer to record ‘sell transactions’. This information is then permanently stored in the blockchain. Therefore, developers around the world can now collaborate with Ethersmart.

The solid technology base is followed by online growth globally. Through the world’s largest access censorship site, we have learned that ethersmart’s amazing results have expanded to 35 countries and the top 10 fastest growing include: Germany, USA, Japan, Netherlands, France, Korea, China, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam.

In addition, in the near future, the leadership promises to launch many other impressive strategies, expand investment funds, focus on system development, reach out to many new investors and bring ETM tokens to the next level. The year 2022 will be a promising year for Ethersmart and its investors.

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