Car Engine Power System Repair

The responsibility of the car engine power system is to supply fuel from the tank and to direct it through the cleaning elements, forming a mixture and evenly distributing it over the engine cylinders. Malfunction in the power system can lead to serious car breakdown. Here we will discuss what kind of breakdowns occur, the reason, and how to repair them.

The most common reasons for the malfunctions of the power supply system are :

  • Obstructing the flow of fuel into the carburetor;
  • Fuel leaks;
  • Production of the too lean and rich combination;
  • It isn’t easy to start the internal combustion engine;
  • Extravagant consumption of fuel;
  • The smell of petrol inside and outside the car;
  • Loss of ICE power and unstable work;
  • Development in toxicity of emissions in all driving modes.
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Signs of a problem with the fuel supply system:

  1. Challenging starting of the engine;
  2. Uneven operation of the engine in any operating mode;
  3. Smoke;
  4. Knocks and external noise in the running of the engine;
  5. Decrease in power;
  6. Increased burning of fuel.

In order to prevent these issues from occurring, a car owner needs to know what can lead to this and how to properly repair the engine power system. If you find it hard to detect the problem, it is always recommended to contact the doorstep car service Pune.

Formation of a lean mixture

The lean mixture has its own properties. It can overheat the engine, temporarily shut its power,  and “shots” appear in the carburetor.

The reasons:

  • Dirty nozzles. It usually happens due to low-quality fuel;
  • Air leaks into the exhaust system;
  • Low fuel pressure – less than required by the injectors;
  • An engine running on a lean mixture can substantially lose its power. It can occur due to e long-burning of the mixture, which can decrease the gas pressure in the engine cylinders. It can also lead to overheating of the internal combustion engine;

Increased fuel consumption

The reason for increased fuel consumption can be due to the failure of the carburetor. You can easily solve this problem by examining and diagnosing the fuel supply elements or by calling car repair at home in Pune.

Smudges appear when:

  • Due to the appearance of loose connections;
  • Destruction to the fuel line;
  • Dripping pump diaphragms.

Leaks, especially if it is petrol, must be eliminated immediately, this leads to overspending and a high probability of a fire in the vintage car parts nz .

Fuel does not flow to the carburetor

Repairs become necessary in a position where petrol does not reach the carburetor. It can happen when the fuel cannot pass through the pipes because the fuel lines are clogged with debris, the pump is broken, or the cleaning filters are unclean.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns. It includes:

  • Inspection of joints, check for tightness;
  • Every 10-15 thousand km:
    • Cleaning the coarse filter and replacing filter components;
    • Monitoring the oil level in the high-pressure fuel pump;
  • Monitoring and adjustment of the high-pressure fuel pump every 100 thousand km;
  • Substitute the air filter once a year.
  • Every 20 thousand km, the carburetor should be cleaned, and its condition is examined.

Repairing the car engine power system is a complex and responsible process. We recommend trusting such a task to mechanics who have the proper knowledge and availability of modern tools.

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