Can We Wear Zero Power Glasses After Lasik Surgery?

Today Lasik surgery is very popular among you and other people. Generally, almost every laser surgery has been proved best for improving your vision. Now, before having glasses was not a big deal. But today, almost everyone wants to remove their eyeglasses or lenses or stop wearing them. Before it was not possible but today luckily you can easily remove the power and improve your eyes with laser surgery. There are various kinds of surgery you can find with the help of skilled and best ophthalmologists. However, you need to go through a doctor before going through any surgery. Mainly because your eye is a very sensitive part of your body. So, when you go for inaccurate surgery it may cause permanent damage to your eyes. Thus, it is best to avoid unprofessional people for your eye surgery. Luckily, Lasik surgery cost in India is worth it. 

Do people need to Wear Glasses after Lasik Surgery

To begin with, just like most people, you may think going through a Lasik surgery means that you will never have to wear contact lenses or glasses again. However, this depends on certain factors. Generally, the majority of people who go through Lasik surgery have greatly improved vision. Although, not everyone seems to have a great experience with Lasik surgery. You might not get the perfect 20/20 vision. Usually, many ophthalmologists treat people with 20/40 vision considering it an ideal outcome. And luckily, 95% of people obtain this outcome. Furthermore, when you get a 20/40 vision, you will need to wear glasses for some activities. Unfortunately, when you do not get a 20/40 vision or you get a worse result than 20/40 vision, you will need to go for a second Lasik surgery or any other surgery. 

Furthermore, many people who go through Lasik surgery should always go to a doctor for further checkups. This will help you in determining the best care for your eyes after Lasik surgery. In addition to that, it will also help you in considering glasses or contact lenses. Sometimes, when you go through a Lasik surgery certain factors are responsible for you wearing glasses or contact lenses. Firstly, your prescription strength can cause you to wear glasses. Secondly, your age plays an important role in giving you your eyeglasses or contact lenses back. Below you will have a more detailed answer to your question:

1. If your prescription strength is strong, you will need to wear glasses even after Lasik surgery:

Now, when the power of the cornea and the length of the eye are mismatched, you face a blurry vision and not-so-focus image. So, when your prescription is weak, it is likely that it will stabilize in your early 20s. Generally, this helps you to be a better candidate for Lasik surgery. However, when your eyesight is very poor, it will not stabilize in time. So, it becomes difficult for you to get a perfect improved outcome after Lasik surgery. Although, if you go through a Lasik surgery it will help you in certain ways and you will only need to wear glasses or contact lenses at a certain time. Usually, only a very few people experience failure after going through surgery. 

2. Laser surgery will not protect your eyes from aging:

Now, when you go through Laser surgery at an early age, you may need glasses in your 40s. When you age, your eyes start to become weak. So, you need to remember that this weakness is not because the Lasik surgery is wearing off. The reason behind this is, a Lasik surgery is a permanent surgery as your cornea is reshaped. So, it is not possible for the effects of your Lasik surgery to wear off. The only reason that you are facing vision issues is because of your age.

Furthermore, you can wear zero number glasses after going through a Lasik surgery. Mainly because it helps you in reducing eye strain while using smartphones, computers, television, and e-readers.

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