9 Types of Excavator and their Uses

An excavator is a daunting machine that takes the work out of digging. They come in various sizes and shapes, from heavy-duty to mini-size. Whether you need an excavator for personal work or commercial use, there’s something on the market that’s right for your job site. The same case applies when looking for excavators equipment, and for the best performance, Source Pro Equipment is where to go.

1) Mini Excavators

In general, these smaller than average models are used for lawns and gardens instead of rock quarries. They’re often self-propelled machines with rear tires that allow them to travel at slower speeds than larger excavators. The best part about this type? They can get into tight spaces where other types can’t go so quickly.

2) Crawler Excavators

This type of excavator is a multi-functional machine. It can move from one location to another effortlessly. Also, it can rotate 360 degrees and comes equipped with a hydraulic hammer for breaking up asphalt, masonry, etc. These are the right choice if you need an excavator on your job site for various tasks.

3) power Excavators

Unlike the mini excavator, which is self-propelled, this type must be attached to a tractor or other vehicle to dig trenches and ditches. They’re primarily used for large-scale projects where more volume is needed than can fit some smaller models comfortably.

4) borrower Excavators

This type of excavator is built to handle deep trenches with ease. Its large arm, bucket, and pulley system are excellent for moving dirt from various depths without too much hassle. It’s also designed with removable hydraulic couplings for smooth transitions.

5) power Loader Excavators

This type of excavator has the capability of being used as a loader or a skidder. Skidders are equipped to move logs across different ground conditions, while loaders have forks that pick up items rather than drag them along the ground. Most manufacturers offer this type of excavator in tandem with an attachment, allowing it to do both jobs effectively!

6) Boring Machine Excavators

This type may not cut through harsh surfaces, but it can create smooth tunnels up to 160 feet underground. These excavators are usually mounted on cars and other vehicles, making them capable of moving from one location to another while boring out a perfect tunnel.

7) power Dozer Excavators

This type of heavy-duty excavator attaches a blade for digging or pushing dirt around in various conditions. You’ll find these types of machines connected to cranes where they’re used for building bridges, cutting roads through the rocky ground, and leveling structures, among other things!

8) power Backhoe Excavators

As the name suggests, this type comes with a backhoe which allows it to dig deeper than any other excavator available. It’s great for breaking up asphalt, digging wells, and excavating trenches. One great feature of this type? It can attach to almost any tractor or other vehicle easily, making it a multi-functional machine!

9) Snow Shovel Excavators

This type of excavator incorporates the front-end loader that’s attached to the shovel below. What’s nice about these types is that they don’t have too much power but are perfect for confined spaces where larger models will not fit comfortably. They’re also dependable enough to be used in dense forest areas, narrow streets, and rocky grounds where many machines can’t pass through easily.

Bottom line excavators are excellent equipment for construction work and other farm use. They can do more than dig up the ground. These machines are capable of so much more than meets the eye!


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