8 Useful Personal Protective Equipment You Need to Know

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a large group of products that are designed for the protection of users. This group of equipment can protect you from low- high levels of hazards. The equipment consists of a safety hamlet, footwear and harness, gloves, eye protection glasses, high-quality cloths, etc. The Standard of the protective equipment is maintained and regulated by the European Directive. YICHANG is one of the largest Chinese companies that produce protective equipment. They make quality products that can even give you excellent protection against COVID-19.

For ensuring the health and safety of users, proper protective equipment should be worn. There are almost eight types of equipment are there for defending yourself in a risky situation.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment:

  1. Head Protection: PPE can protect your head to avoid any harm. A Head protector can help you to prevent injury from any falling object or knocking against stationary objects. There are different head protection equipment such as helmet, Bump caps, guards, hard hats, accessories. You need these helmet protections in construction working places, repairing workplaces, and while working in excavations. You will also need it in sport-related works like riding, driving motorbikes, etc.
  2. Hand Protection: This protector is needed in many works. We often get injured in our hands, arms, and fingers. To get safety for our hands, we must wear gloves in the necessary place. Hand protection equipment can make you safe from being infected by any virus or bacteria and also protect you from heat, cold, burns, cuts, etc. Disposable gloves can be helpful in our daily life. Especially in the COVID-19 situation, these gloves have become a lot necessary. Doctors and health experts now suggest wearing gloves while we go out to work. YICHANG company is an outstanding and professional TPE gloves manufacturer. They produce high-quality TPE gloves at a competitive price and export them to different countries.
  3. Eye & Face Protection: Many workers around the world lose their eyes or get injured every day. The eye injuries can be avoided if they wear eye protector and also face protector. There are safety goggles, face shield, different eye accessories, visors, etc., for eye protection. Eye and face protectors are needed while working with lasers or power tools, gas, welding, or handling dangerous items.
  4. Respiratory Protection: Breathing accessories, face mask (full/half), disposal mask, monitors etc., can help you to give respiratory protection. Some of these protectors are used while working with gases, powders, or dust. There is also protective machinery that provides the same outcome, machines like a welding fume collector or dust collector system are commonly used to remove toxic gas or pollutants on a large manufacturing scale to ensure the air is safe to breath. So, it also needs some training to on using the equipment.
  5. Ear Protection: while working in very loud or high sound areas, hearing protection is needed. Some hearing protectors are- earplugs, acoustic foam, noise meters, etc.
  6. Foot Safeguard: For providing safety to the foot or leg, the foot protectors are designed. Foot safeguard is usually made to protect against crushing, extreme temperature, slipping, electricity, cutting and many more dangers. Usually, you will see these boots in construction activities, chemical workers, or handling heavy items. Safety shoes, boots, anti-static footwear are examples of foot protection equipment.
  7. Body protection: For protection against different weather condition, working places, to protect against contamination, chemicals, etc., body protectors are used. General Purpose Apron is used worldwide in various works. Other body protectors are life jacket, high-visibility clothing, harness, etc.
  8. Hight protection: It requires training to use this particular type of protective equipment. Before using the equipment, it should also be checked diligently so that it fits the user and also gives protection. Fall arrest system, lowering harness, rescue lifting, energy absorber, etc., are standard in this type of equipment.

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