7 Essential Web Hosting Features for Professional Services

A web hosting is a service that allows you to publish your content on the internet. It is basically used to make your website available to anyone using the internet. It can be a little hectic looking for a best hosting service that can provide you some essential features needed. There are numerous low price hosting services available. But to find the best among them can give you a headache. Many web hosting service providers advertise themselves promising great features, but end up doing nothing for your website. Choosing the right web hosting service provider is crucial because your whole site’s performance, it’s reliability and security depends on that particular service you opt for. Well, in this article we are going to discuss some of the essential features you must look for when having professional services. 

  • Should provide enough storage-  The more storage you will have, the more effectively you will be able to run your website. Storage plays a really important role in smooth functioning of your website. The storage will include any and every content you’ll be posting, graphics or any other media related content including images. Also, there are options to choose a package having additional disk space so that you can add more related content, music, pictures or any other documents you want to. 
  • Should provide technical support 24/7- Technical support really matters a lot. Especially if your website runs 24/7. You need to have assurance that if anything goes wrong at any time, you have technical support to sort things out. It plays an important role in growing your business. A website can only gain profit if it is running smoothly 24/7. 
  • Uptime- It can be worse if your website keeps going offline eventually. It can seriously affect your visitors and also your rankings on search engines. That is why it is essential to choose a cheap hosting in India offering a high guaranteed uptime. Guarantee uptime means they will keep your website up at least for 99% of the time. This is considered as the most important feature of a website hosting service provider. It should basically include web service uptime as well as 24/7 support. 
  • A well exclusive and shared IP address- An Internet protocol address commonly known as IP address is basically a numerical address of the website that tells where to find the server host and domain on the internet. Well, there are many advantages of having an exclusive and shared IP address. One of the advantages is a website can have better ratings on search engine optimization which will make it easier to find. Also there will be better privacy options. A shared IP address makes it easier for a web hosting service to manage and control their website. 
  • A backup service is must- Backups are really essential for your website. Imagine losing all your data including images, contents, files, emails etc. This can cause great loss to a business. Hence it is really crucial to have a web hosting service that could offer a great back up plan. Backups are really essential if your server goes down in any way. Also your website hosting service should also have a back up plan at their end so that you don’t have to suffer any kind of loss. 
  • Should have the capacity to grow your business- People choose a web hosting service so that they can grow their business on an online platform. After all it’s the soul purpose of web hosting services. A good web host will have all the necessary resources needed to grow your business. 
  • SSL certification for secured payments- Well, if your website is selling some sort of product or services, you need to have an SSL certificate which web hosting services provide. It will encrypt your data making payments more secure for your customers. If a website does not have an SSL certificate, Google will automatically mark them as ‘not secure for payment’. This can impact your sales hence its better to keep in mind choosing someone who provides you SSL certificate. 

Hope this article has given you all the necessary information regarding web hosting services features that you are looking for. Remember the above mentioned points to make sure that you end up investing your money on someone better than the rest. Also keep in mind that you think of present as well as future while choosing a web hosting service provider. 

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