5 Steps to a Quality Outro for Your YouTube Channel

Hosting a podcast or video content on YouTube gives you the creative freedom to create an outro. Here are the steps to develop an outro on YouTube.

Did you know that more than 95% of adults between ages 18 and 29 years old regulalry use YouTube in the United States?

YouTube is a social media platform used to post videos for arts, entertainment, news, and advertising.

If you are a social media influencer or create YouTube videos, you should know how to make a strong outro.

Continue reading to discover some of the best tips for creating an outro on YouTube that makes an impact on viewers!

1. Know Your Purpose

The first step in creating a good outro on YouTube is to know your purpose.

Knowing the purpose of the video will help guide you to the next steps. Most people include a call to action (CTA) at the end of the videos. If your goal is to get more views on your videos, your outro should include a CTA for them to check out more of your content.

Some people are using YouTube to help sell their products or services. If this is true for your situation, you need to keep it in mind until the video is complete.

2. Simplify Things

One of the most important things to do at the end screen for your video is to simplify things.

Keeping your outro simple and clean will prevent viewers from getting overwhelmed or misguided. Only put the information that is necessary on the screen, otherwise, the viewers might move on to something else.

If you want viewers to check your online store, include the link on the outro with a friendly invitation, for example!

3. Build a Background

Once you have captured your video content, you will want to resize the video to the appropriate specs.

The sizing is the first step and from there, you can select the color you want as the outro background. You have several selections to choose from such as static, solid backdrop, and static. Some of the best podcast agencies use outro videos with backgrounds that are eye-catching and engaging.

Make sure that the background isn’t overwhelming and add in placeholders to create a template for future videos.

4. Stay True to Your Brand

Your YouTube video outros should always stay true to your brand.

Whether you are dealing with formatting, logos, or colors, you should remain consistent. When customers don’t see consistency, they are less likely to have loyalty and they may struggle to remember your name.

Do your best to help build trust amongst your viewers so that your brand can grow with your viewers.

5. Add the Outro

Since the outro was built separately from your video, you will need to combine them.

You can connect the outro to the YouTube video within the settings or on a filming application. After you have successfully connected it to your content, you can watch it to ensure there aren’t any errors. When you are happy with the outro you can finally publish your video to start collecting views!

Create the Best Outro on YouTube

If you want your videos to make an impact, you need to end with a strong outro on YouTube.

YouTube is a great place for people to explore all kinds of content, this can help gain attention through videos.

Don’t be afraid to do something that will make you stand out from competitors, outros are a perfect opportunity to spread a message.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about running a YouTube channel and how to advertise your brand or name!

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