3 main differences between KN95 masks and N95 masks that can help YOU choose!

Masks have become an important part of our attire since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is still a great need to mask up even after vaccination, especially when you are in crowded areas because the risk of contracting a more contagious COVID-19 variant is still very high.

N95 and KN95 are 95% more effective in filtering particles compared to other masks and are made of 5 layers to ensure maximum filtering. However, these masks are different in the following three ways.

Certification of standards

The N95 masks undergo rigorous inspections and certification processes. They must meet specified criteria set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before being issued to people and hospitals for use. The N95 masks meet U.S. standards and are approved for use in their healthcare systems.

On the other hand, KN95 masks are approved in China. These masks must be passed through several fit tests on human beings, but this is not a requirement for the N95 masks.

Reusability of the masks

According to recent studies, KN95 masks are easily reusable after spraying with ethanol and vacuum drying them. However, it is not recommended to reuse the N95 masks. This is because the respirators collect too much moisture and harmful particles that may expose you and the people around you to respiratory health risks. See more where you can find KN95 masks to buy online.

The N95 masks should be safely discarded in plastic bags and thrown in the trash. You should ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the respirator to clear all viruses and bacteria that may attach themselves to your hands.

Usage of the masks

Research shows that people feel more comfortable in N95 masks because they offer more breathing space, unlike KN95 masks, which are more stringent when it comes to how pressure drops when you are using the mask.

The N95 masks also have a less strict requirement than KN95 when it comes to pressure drop during exhalation; hence requiring less effort to breathe out when wearing the mask. It is, therefore, more advisable to use N95 masks for long travels and cases where you have to put on a mask for a long time.

KN95 masks may also be uncomfortable to use when you suffer from different respiratory problems, such as asthma, because of how fitting they are; hence, you need to consult with your physician on whether it is wise to use these masks.

The large demand for masks has contributed to the shortage of N95 mask supplies. The KN95 are more available for purchase compared to the N95 masks worldwide. The CDC announced the KN95 masks as the fittest alternative for N95 masks. Therefore, you can easily get a KN95 mask in the U.S., but the N95 is majorly reserved for healthcare workers in different state hospitals.

Are you ready to mask up?

Now that you have learned the differences between KN95 and N95 masks, you can choose one that matches your needs and preferences better. Get your masks today to ensure you protect yourself from COVID-19.

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