Working On Team Projects: Easy PDF Merging with PDFBear

It’s great to work with a group or a team for projects. You get to share your ideas and get ideas from others, too. Great ideas from different people can turn into a wonderful outcome with the right communication and teamwork. With this, you will work with tons of files to produce an output. Working on a project with different people is easier to do nowadays with just a computer and an internet connection. It won’t matter if you’re on different ends of the world, because the internet and technology connect you.

The most common digital document file type around is in PDF. And we’ll talk about the reasons in a bit. When submitting or sharing your project, it’s best to compile everything together. So, in this article, we’ll teach you how to merge PDF files with the help of PDFBear. Keep reading to find out more!

But first, why PDFs?

Now, before we tell you how to merge your PDF files with PDFBear, let’s first talk about why most people prefer Portable Document Files over other formats. Well, this file type is the easiest and most convenient around. You can access or open it using any electronic device you have at hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, you can open a PDF file directly without needing any additional software or apps. Apart from this, PDF files retain their original look or formatting throughout. This is one of the best things about this file type because compared to other raw formats, (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) there’s no need to worry about a document looking all messed-up. Sending and receiving files in PDF is just easy and hassle-free! In the long run, you can save more disk space, too, because PDFs come in smaller file sizes compared to raw documents.

What about PDFBear?

Your best bet in merging PDF files is PDFBear. But you might wonder, what is PDFBear, anyway? Well, it’s a software as a service (or SaaS) tool that you can access by just using a web browser. This nifty tool requires no additional downloads or apps before usage. Just visit their website using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and use any of the features for your documents or files. A working device and an internet connection are all you need with this tool.

PDFBear also boasts a neatly laid-out user interface. When you visit their website, you won’t have a hard time looking for the features you need because everything there is easily navigable. What’s more is that you can be sure all your files are kept safe, because they delete everything from their server after an hour of being uploaded. So, you’ll be sure that no one else can access even your most confidential documents. Last but not least, all the services offered by PDFBear are free! Yes, you read it right, you can convert any document to PDF and vice versa, and edit PDF documents to your liking all without needing to pay or subscribe. Awesome, right? We weren’t kidding when we said PDFBear is your best bet!

Merging PDF files with PDFBear

Now that we’ve given you a brief introduction to PDF files and why PDFBear is the best PDF merger and document tool out there, let’s get into how you can merge your Portable Document Format files with PDFBear.

First, go to the PDFBear website and click “Merge PDF.” You will then be directed to the PDF merging page of where you’ll find a box that says “Select Files…” Click that to select the PDFs you want to merge, or you can just open a folder from your device and drag and drop the files to the window to upload them. PDFBear will then combine your PDF files into one. Then, you can do any necessary modifications and once you’ve finalized everything, just click “Combine” or “Merge PDF.” Now, you can download the new file to your device or share it on Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s that simple and quick! And it didn’t even take you more than five minutes to do. Sweet, right?

Get on the paperless wagon with PDFBear

Technology and the internet have made a huge difference, and we’ve progressed from printed paper documents to digital. But this is also for the best, since digital or paperless documents are more convenient, after all. Working with digital documents for your team projects with the help of PDFBear will make everything more convenient. As time progresses, technology adjusts, and so should we. It’s good to be well equipped with the best tools to help you make the most of what you have. PDFBear is here to help you out with all your document needs. So, try it out for yourself and never again be dumbfounded with digital or paperless documents.

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