Winbitx Review: Trade the Smart Way through Online Trading

It is common knowledge that the recent global events and shift to digital economy has spurred a gigantic growth in online trading. Now all the latest facts and figures of financial markets that any trader require to make decisions about his trading ventures can now be gathered swiftly and reliably by the click of a button through a trading platform from the comfort of his home. Your first move is to sign-up with a reliable trading platform. Amidst hundreds of trading platforms available, you will find Winbitx to be a transparent and trustworthy platform to conduct your online trading activities. In the following Winbitx review, I will explain the top three features of this trading platform for your perusal.

Types of Accounts

Winbitx provides its traders a total of seven trading accounts to choose from. These accounts are based on the minimum initial amount that you wish to deposit prior to starting your trading. The features, incentives and perks offered by Winbitx enhances as you move up the ladder on the type of account. Pay for what is important to you and obtain maximum advantage from your account to achieve your goals.

The trading accounts start from Bronze with a minimum deposit of € 10,000. If you can afford a higher deposit, then either select Silver Account for a minimum deposit of € 25,000 or Gold for € 50,000 deposit. If you want to increase your participation to € 100,000, then select a Platinum Account or € 250,000 as minimum investment for a Diamond Account. However, if you still have a heavier purse, then go for Premium Account for a deposit of € 500,000. For High-net-worth individuals, Winbitx has designed VIP Account with a minimum deposit of € 1,000,000.

For traders living in Muslim countries or belonging to the Islamic faith, Winbitx offers the option of Islamic Account. It is a 100% interest-free solution which is in compliance to Sharia laws. The transactions in this account are swap-free which means no overnight fee or rollover interest.

Trading in Multiple Assets

Winbitx offers its traders the choice to trade in multiple assets in several financial markets. When using Winbitx, you can deal in Forex trading in all major, minor and exotic currency pairs.  You can also trade in Indices which tracks the performance of major market sectors such as Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite in USA, FTSE 100 in London, DAX 30 in Frankfurt or Nikkei 225 in Tokyo.

While browsing Winbitx platform, you can also conduct trading in commodities such as Precious Metals including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, Energy sector such as oil, natural gas, LPG and other hydrocarbons, Livestock & Meat and Agriculture produce such as cotton, corn, wheat, soyabeans, coffee, sugar and cocoa. You can also trade in Stocks and Treasury Bonds.

Winbitx platform also allows you to conduct trading in Currency pairs, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies via CFDs with adjustable leverages to generate monetary returns on both rising and falling prices.

Winbitx also facilitates in trading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS etc. with significant leverages on your crypto assets.

User-Friendly Trading Platforms

Winbitx has developed its platform to be extremely user- friendly and easy to navigate even for beginners. It is compatible with all the computer gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smart phones runs on all the operating systems currently in use such as Android, iOS, Windows and MAC. You can also download the app specifically developed by Winbitx for those who are always on-the-go.

Wrapping it Up

To sum up, hundreds of satisfied clients all over the planet bear witness to the proficiency, reliability and transparency of Winbitx which has earned the respect of traders and experts alike. Hence, if you have made up your mind to dive into the world of online trading, then sign- in today with Winbitx and you will be happy that you made the correct decision.

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