Wild Symbols in Online Slots Explained

What is a wild symbol?

A wild symbol is a slot emblem that can be substituted with some other symbol in a slot. They are used in order for the gamer to create a winning pay line. Gamers need to be aware that wild symbols can be used for other symbols but not for other bonus features like free spins. Before anything else, make sure to only register and play at websites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission

For instance, if the gamer receives a line of four J’s and one G, they would lose. But if that G was a wild symbol then they would win. The style and image of a wild symbol are not always the same. It is impossible to tell you what the next wild symbol will look like on the next slot you play. They usually relate to the theme of the slot, e.g. a lion would represent a wild symbol in a safari-themed slot.

Are there different variations of wild symbol?

Yes, there are. It is not just the look of wild symbols that differ. There are many different variations of wild symbols that can occur, let me explain further.

Random wild symbols

This type of wild symbol is the most common. As per the description, wild symbols serve as a replacement for a winning slot-combo. Any of these icons occur arbitrarily in several casino sites. Start by looking at the casino’s Pay table to ensure all the various wild symbols appear in the required slots.

Expanding wild symbols

Expanding icons typically appears as an unmistakably singular symbol that stretches to fill all locations upon its reel.

Stacked wild symbols

Stacked symbols are typically displayed as individual wild symbols positioned on top of one another. Stacked symbols typically occupy the entire reel, which increases the odds of being a major slot recipient.

Sticky wilds symbols

Sticky wild symbols are a favourite of mine, they are as their name implies sticky. They remain on the reel for more than one go. Sticky wild symbols are indeed the preferred wild symbol for several gamers since they exist in various spins. This makes it very easy to achieve various successful variations. Sticky wild symbols provide a form of constant success that gamers could greatly profit through. When the sticky wild symbol remains upon its reel, free spins are enabled, which results in additional matches.

Walking wild symbols

If a walking wild symbol emerges on the slot it remains and shifts one spot with each different spin. Based on the slot, the wild symbol will change in any direction (up, down, left or right). The wild symbol will continue to move along the slot until it is no longer visible.

Diagonal and straight wild symbols

These wild symbols relate largely to walking wild symbols. Diagonal wild symbols can be located around reels 2 and 4 whereas straight wild symbols travel directly down reel 3. The thrilling aspect is when diagonal wilds emerge while straight wild symbols are in action. Straight wild symbols hit the diagonals around the reels and refresh any symbols which have been hit by shifting wild symbols.

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