Why you should be careful when buying Instagram followers?

You must have heard of ads saying, “Get 400 followers for $4”. This might seem like an extremely lucrative offer for someone who is just starting on Instagram or if you are trying to grow the Instagram account of your brand. Having a few thousand followers is a sure shot way to grow…right? Having a good amount of followers is bound to bring in more followers and will provide an initial boost. It will also make your account look authentic. Unfortunately, most of the time buying followers can get your Instagram account suspended.

Really? Why?

Instagram has some strict algorithms and detection systems in place. If an account suddenly receives a thousand followers, it puts the account on the radar of Instagram and they start to track the account. If Instagram notices that the influx of followers has been sudden, there has been no increase in followers in subsequent days, the followers are not engaging in posts, Instagram will remove those followers as being from non-authentic accounts. Thus, you will be back to where you started. If you wish to buy genuine followers who will interact with your account, you should look into using Famoid to buy Instagram followers. Famoid delivers followers who are active and interested in your content so that you received a genuine engagement

If Instagram suspects that you have purchased followers or that the follower accounts are bot accounts, Instagram even reserves the right to suspend your account permanently.

Even if you get real humans to subscribe to your account, but you do not receive any genuine engagement from your Instagram followers, Instagram will never promote your post further to a larger audience base. This is something that all top influencers on IG will tell you

The best engagement that you can hope from these non-genuine followers is a “nice post, good post, great share” comment. You should not expect them to do anything more than that. If you are trying to become an influencer on Instagram, such type of comments will only hurt your growth. Any brand that chooses to hire an influencer, will go through their Instagram profile, check the comments, analyze the likes et cetera. When they look into accounts that mostly have engagement saying nice posts, they will understand that the engagement is not real and brands will not work with you.

Similarly, if you are responsible for operating the account of a brand, you don’t want followers who don’t engage with your post or are not interested in it. At the bare minimum, you need the followers to at least look at the content you don’t share or like. Buying followers will not help you in this regard.

Sometimes, there is a chance that you may even get inappropriate comments from fake followers. A lot of the time these comments are regarding extremist political groups or adult toys. Having such comments on your profile will only hurt your engagement and may even cause followers to leave you.

Spam followers can hurt your account further by going after your followers. There is a chance, that the spam followers may follow everyone who is following you. Some of your followers will follow them back as well. The spam accounts may start sending your follower’s inappropriate messages. When your followers discover the quality of their posts, they will not only unfollow the spam account they may also unfollow you. Thus, you must make sure that you only have genuine people following you. You can get genuine followers from Famoid. Click here to discover more about Famoid.

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