Why were demo slots banned from UK casinos?

If there is one thing that small fry and big fish igamers can get rallied up about, except from being on a losing streak on the slots, is the interference from online slot regulators when they are simply just trying to go about their online gaming career.

Regulators, like the UKGC who are the largest online slot game regulator in the UK, have been making changes yearly to both online and offline casinos. There was even some speculation going around that demo slots were to be banned from UK casinos!

If you have noticed some differences in demo slots and their appearances in licensed casinos in the UK accept mobile deposits, fear not because you are not alone and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. We are here to uncover why demo slots were banned from casinos in the UK!

What is a demo slot?

Before we get started on the brief modern history on UK regulators and their interventions in banning demo slots, you might want to know a little about what demo slots actually are so that you can have a greater understanding on the scale of this issue… you might even want to go out and start taking on the demo slots after!

  1.       What they are – The cue is in the name! Demo is a shortened version of demonstration, meaning that the demo slots are the slot game that you want to play but just not the pay-for versions. This means that you can try them out at no cost whatsoever!
  2.       Why you would play them – To the big fish on the scene, playing demo slots can be baffling because there is no money to be won. But, the small fry know that they need to test out the game before committing any real cash. Do not be a fool and try out the game before you put your money down!
  3.       Are they the same as normal slots? – There might be a little confusion around demo slots and their relationship with their real slot, but, rest-assured that the games will work in exactly the same way as each other, just the demo versions will not let you pay or win money!

All this talk around demo slots might be making you begin to wonder why anyone would ever ban them from UK casinos. Surely, they have no bad elements to them?

Why demo slots might be banned from UK casinos

As we said before, demo slots seem all good because they allow players to try out a game without spending any cash, but there are a few reasons why them might be banned from UK casinos:

  •         Demo slots allow for players to test out a game and get into gambling before placing money down, so, it could be banned from UK casinos because it encourages gambling.
  •         Demo slots do not need you to sign in to play because there is no money involved. This means that anyone can play them and get hooked, including children! They might have been banned from UK casinos to stop younger people playing casino games.

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