Why were demo slots banned from uk casinos? 

Demo of new slots are incredibly popular with players, despite this, there has been an increased level of slot regulation over recent years. Surprisingly, they have actually been banned from UK casinos. 

Demo Slots 

Demo slots are incredibly popular variations of regular slot games, these slots are simply free to play versions of regular slots and offer no difference in terms of gameplay or design. Even things such as RTP and volatility are the same as a regular slot. As a result, these slots are ideal for players when they are just starting out and looking for ways to practise without spending any money. More experienced players can also receive benefits from these slots as they provide players with the perfect chance to try and figure out how to use new bonus features and the most effective ways to trigger them. As demo slots are incredibly useful for players, they have proven to be incredibly popular. Although there is no money involved with them, there are still several dangers that come from using them. 

Gambling Addiction 

One of the main reasons for such tight regulation in UK gambling is the rise of gambling addiction. This is a very serious issue for players and online casinos alike. 

  •     Due to the accessible nature of online casinos, providers have to ensure that they are doing everything they can to try and limit the possibility of addiction amongst players. Things such as deposit limits and screen timing helps casinos to measure these issues.
  •     As demo slots are free to play and incredibly accessible for players, they can be hugely dangerous. Although there is no money on the line, there are still issues with the fact that these games are so easily accessible for players who are addicted.
  •     Gambling addiction doesn’t just affect the player but those around them too, it impacts personal relationships and in some cases it can even lead the player to financial ruin. If you ever spot the signs in your own behaviour or the behaviour of a fellow player it is wise to seek help.

What can be Done? 

Addiction of any kind can be a scary time but gambling addiction is among the worst kind. Online slots are particularly dangerous because of the accessibility they have. Luckily, there are several things players can do if they feel like they are addicted. 

  1. Be honest with family and friends – The worst thing that can be done in this situation is to bottle it up, speak to family or friends to get these issues off of your chest and try and find an appropriate solution.
  2. Join a forum – If speaking to family or friends is not an option, try joining a forum such as gamblers anonymous, these types of forums aim to offer support to those addicted whilst also keeping things anonymous. 

Final Thoughts 

As demo slots are free to play, people are more likely to become addicted to them. This is because of the accessibility that they offer.

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