Why Should I Shop Online for Bongs?

First, let me explain to those on the fence why they need a bong at all. Regardless of whether you enjoy tobacco or dried herbs, smoking isn’t a healthy habit. It isn’t the active substances in herbs or tobacco that are the problem, it’s the products of the actual burning itself. Smoke is comprised of ash, oils and carcinogenic chemicals. The oils are the part you want, the ash and carcinogens most decidedly not.

A bong can drastically reduce the negative health impacts of smoking, though it can’t make it 100% healthy of course. Nothing could. The way it reduces these health problems is by running the smoke through water before being inhaled, and water is a natural filter. It strips the larger quantity of the ash and carcinogens while letting the oil still pass through. It has the added advantage of cooling and moistening the smoke as well, and if you flavor the water, you can do all kinds of interesting flavor combinations. You can even use spirits and liquors, and yes, it will have a mild intoxicating effect.

As for why you should have more than one if you’re going to get them, that’s because you’re going to fall in love with a one of a kind piece of art when you shop for bongs locally. Lavinia handblown by an artisan, even if it wasn’t a local one. When it breaks, a one-of-a-kind thing is lost. The more you use something, the higher the chances of something causing it to break, especially if you let your friends use it or you have cats.

So, if you decide you enjoy a bong, you ought to have at least 2. The first one from your local shop will be a cherished item that you only use on special occasions. Your second one, you should order it online. Shopping online for one of these allows you to get very affordable high-quality labs standard glass and fittings manufactured by modern designers in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. These are still attractive, just in a more modern and stately minimalist way than the one-of-a-kind pieces of art you get your local shop.

This stuff will still be hard to break, and it will provide excellent quality smoking experiences. It’s easy to take a parting clean, with a lot of even being dishwasher safe surprisingly enough. That said, if it does break, it is off of an assembly line and can be easily replaced. No one-of-a-kind piece of art is lost here, so you can use this one much more comfortably throughout your daily life, saving the unique and cherished pieces only for when you have a reason to bring them out. This is what I do, and shopping for this stuff is possible at local shops too, but you can get a lot cheaper and more readily online. If you’re interested, Shisha Glass Australia is your one-stop online shop for the best state-of-the-art smoking accessories in Australia and beyond.

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