Why People Crave Stuffed Crust Pizza

Few foods can match the appeal of a stuffed crust pizza. Whether you prefer cheese, pepperoni, or a custom combination, you can count on stuffed crust to put the cherry on top of an already-incredible pizza. If you’ve ever felt the insatiable urge to indulge in this ambrosia, you know that a stuffed crust craving is not a normal craving. It’s far more intense — far more urgent — than a mere desire. What makes staffed crust pizza so special? Why are so many people craving stuffed crust pizza near me? Find out why people everywhere are craving the delicious stuffed crust of Papa Johns pizza — and what you can do to get the best deal on the next stuffed crust pizza you order.

Crispy Golden Goodness

Anybody who’s a pizza connoisseur can tell you that all pizza is not created equal. Some sauce is too salty and some crust is too crunchy. There’s a certain level of discernment required to identify the best pizza, and the same is true of identifying the best stuffed crust. That’s why pizza experts agree that Papa Johns has mastered the art of the stuffed crust. The restaurant has dominated competition with its achievement of a perfect degree of crispiness. Nobody wants a crust that feels like a cracker, but crust that’s still doughy is just as unappealing.

The new Papa Johns CEO pioneered the introduction of the new stuffed crust and ensured that it met strict quality standards before approving it for rollout. Throughout the development process, many different recipes were tried, with the final selection beating out dozens of others. The fresh made dough is cooked until it’s perfectly crispy, creating the perfect contrast to the rich, gooey, cheesy contents that are inside the crust. This crispiness is achieved by baking the pizza at the perfect temperature for the perfect amount of time. One bite will reveal just how extraordinary this culinary accomplishment is.

Double the Cheese

Another great advantage of stuffed crust is the surplus of cheese it provides. If you’re a fan of cheesy goodness, nothing will beat the combination of a pizza covered in cheese and a crust that’s stuffed with it, too. The Papa Johns menu is full of items like the Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza or the Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza. These selections take the cheese to the max so you can enjoy as much cheese as you can handle. The Tuscan Six Cheese, for example, features a delectable blend of Asiago, Fontina, mozzarella, Parmesan, provolone, and Romano. These cheeses are baked to perfection and topped with Italian seasoning.

If you’re a cheese fanatic, though, even six different varieties may not be enough. In this case, you can upgrade to a stuffed crust and enjoy double the cheese. You won’t regret it, and the symphony of flavor will be unforgettable. Find out why pizza lovers around the world are desperately craving Papa Johns stuffed crust pizza — and indulge in your favorite so that you can satisfy your own craving.

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