Why Medical Marijuana In Melbourne Could Be The Next Big Industry

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the industry of medical marijuana in Melbourne in recent years, both for those in the healthcare industry as well as those in the investment communities and beyond.

Cannabis in healthcare has always had its fair share of detractors and supporters on either side of the aisle, but now, laws are beginning to relax, and studies continue to favour the use of medical marijuana in Melbourne in certain circumstances. The industry has a real shot of coming out of the shadows and flourish fully in a competitive marketplace.

That is not to say that medical marijuana in Melbourne is the be all and cure-all of course, but in light of some of the intriguing studies that have come out about the subject in recent years for certain ailments, it would be silly not to consider its real-world efficacy as time continues onward. This article will be exploring a few of the reasons why medical marijuana in Melbourne could be the next big industry for investors and sufferers.

The Current State Of Medical Marijuana In Melbourne

Similar to NSW and QLD, medical marijuana in Melbourne has been approved for medicinal use in the state since 2016 after the landmark decision in the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016 by the federal government to allow cannabis to be cultivated and prescribed to eligible patients.

The state of Victoria was quite amenable to the notion and have since ramped up their production capabilities to meet the surging demand for the product for use in testing and in the wider healthcare community. As it stands now, medical marijuana in Melbourne can be prescribed to eligible patients by physicians who believe it is the best possible course of treatment for that patient.

Investment Opportunities

The state of Victoria seems to have its sights set on being a leader in the production space of medicinally applicable cannabis. Through the governments own spearheading campaign and industry development plan, the state is hopeful to be the supplier of around 50% of the countries healthcare cannabis by 2028.

This is exciting for investors looking at medical marijuana in Melbourne and seeing a potential growth opportunity on the horizon. Not only is the industry being recognised around the world, but it is also quite a lucrative one for those who get in on the ground floor. Of course, there are still a number of newcomers to the market so only time will tell surrounding the companies that will flourish in the long-term.

A Light For Sufferers

Let’s not forget the real benefactors of medical marijuana in Melbourne, the sufferers themselves. While there are still a number of studies needed to conclude the true efficacy of cannabidiol, the studies that have come out thus far are proving to be promising for a select scope of sufferers in the community.

Those with chronic pain and anxiety-related ailments have been the subject of a number of these studies which have concluded quite positively.

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